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Against The Currents

By: Cailey Tarriane His devious little body could be swept away by the ocean like a cat playing with a mouse. My brother’s feet would try to push deep in the sand, […]

I Want to Marry a Poet

By: Haleema Dalhat I want to marry a poetTo be seduced by his penTo cuddle in the ocean of his inkA romantic life well imaginedLife forever with a poet I want to […]

How To Write More Compelling Dialogue in Fiction

Dialogue can make or break the feeling of authenticity in a story. Here, author Matthew Farrell shares how to write more compelling dialogue in fiction. The most consistent feedback I get from my novels, from both professionals and fans, is the compelling and realistic dialogue my characters have. I wish I could tell you a […]

‘Spirit’ and other poems

By: Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein Spirit Oh my loveWith your love free my body and soulFrom Fetters.In your festival lights of loveOf this universe,I am a mere earthen lamp.Oh love,Add to it […]

Tailer vs. Tailor vs. Taylor (Grammar Rules)

Let’s look at the differences between tailer, tailor, and Taylor with Grammar Rules from the Writer’s Digest editors, including a few examples of correct usages. I must be in a fashion mood or something, because we were looking at the differences between sew, so, and sow last week. Now, we’re jumping over to another group […]

Short Story Tips: 3 Successful Strategies to Write a Short Story

The article Short Story Tips: 3 Successful Strategies to Write a Short Story appeared first on The Write Practice. Knowing how to write a short story seems like it’s a no-brainer. They’re short; how hard could it be? However, once you start writing a short story you’ll probably realize that you don’t know how to […]

The Hills of Don Dilli

By: Tan Bo Yan   When the door first flung open, I was greeted by the most welcoming sight. Glittering pearls floated through the hallways, the smell of fresh poppies filled the […]

‘Genes’ and other poems

By: Stephen Kingsnorth Genes With Pops, my grandmother made this,a pattern, poppies, spreading wild,our family, a tribe of aunts,count cousins, crawling, climbing trees,and siblings, toddlers up to teensa tapestry of what could […]

Sugar Angels

By: Harvey Huddleston At ten steps – fifteen maybe – Father Ivan turned back but the barrack was already gone.  Snow blasted east and west and north and south and up and […]

Three Fall Haiku

By: James Bates Autumn EquinoxEarth aligning with the sunSunlight so precious. Burnished orange sumacFiery in day’s last lightWarming to the soul Bright harvest moonlightLunar magic raining downHelping dreams to grow.