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Congratulations to MacKenzie Scott, the least bad billionaire.

All billionaires are bad, but MacKenzie Scott—novelist, Toni Morrison protégée, and ex-wife of Jeff Bezos—is at least doing a better job than most at growing her vast fortune at a slightly less alarming rate than most of the other billionaires in the world. Scott, who recently donated $436 million to Habitat for Humanity International and 84 affiliates, […]

French author Alice Zeniter has won the eye-popping €100,000 Dublin Literary Award.

The Art of Losing (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) by French novelist Alice Zeniter has won the prestigious Dublin Literary Award, a prize which comes with a handsome glass trophy and the world’s largest purse for a single novel published in English—a whopping €100,000. Nominations for the Dublin Literary Award are submitted by public libraries worldwide, with over […]

Now Margaret Atwood has a flamethrower. Ho-Ho-Ho.

If you enjoyed watching an 80-year-old Margaret Atwood buzzing around New Zealand on a scooter, you’re gonna love watching an 82-year-old Margaret Atwood wielding the coolest (and most supervillain-y) of handheld weapons: the humble American flamethrower. Yes, last night, during PEN America’s glitzy annual gala in New York (which also featured Ruth Negga presenting an […]

For shame: Bram Stoker was a serial defiler of library books.

I’m sorry, you just shouldn’t write in library books. Do whatever you want with your own books—highlighter, pen, pencil, the blood of the innocent—but being a member of a library is a contract with your fellow readers, and you should leave your thoughts and/or doodles out of other people’s books. Apparently, though, no one ever […]

Lit Hub Daily: May 24, 2022

TODAY: In 1900, Italian actor, playwright, and screenwriter Eduardo De Filippo is born.     “In terms of craft, I would need every move I ever learned, plus all the help I could get.” Diana Goetsch reveals how Virginia Woolf, J.A. Baker, and others helped her write a trans memoir. | Lit Hub Craft “I started work […]


I lay on my backpack, denying to myself that my arm was broken. The moon had made me think it was light enough to gambol down a mountain. The waterfall meadow, the tissue-paper leaves, the iceberg clouds and diamond rocks, the moon a puddle of dead frogs: looking down from the front steps, I had […]

On the Ball: In Memory of Roger Angell, 1920-2022

The first issue of Sports Illustrated was published on August 16, 1954. The cover — a lush full-color photograph of the Milwaukee Braves’ Eddie Mathews batting in front of an overflow crowd — and the jaunty, slangy writing within gave notice that this was to be a new, fully modern kind of sports magazine, one built on “defying intellectual […]