How To Make A Personalized Book For Dad

This Father’s Day, you want to top it all and do something extra special? Well, what could be more special than a heartfelt book that gives voice to the silent bond that you share with your father? Somethings surpass all that you can conjure with materialism and that is what that sacred bond is all about. Gifting your father something beyond materialism of a coat or a pen will mean a lot to your old man and will leave him with a feeling of contentment for the loving child he raised. After all, isn’t that what life really is all about. The question remains: “How To Make A Personalized Book For Dad?” With good greater good comes greater challenges. It is fairly easier to stroll to the mall and grab you dad a pair of shoes or a box of chocolates. What takes some real effort and soul searching is the art of writing and indeed, that is exactly what you father deserves. The challenge is a hard one but once you revisit memory lane, you will pull yourself right through. Trust your instinct and follow our simple guide on how to write a book for your dad. 1. Drift back in time 2. Highlight Your most cherished dad memories for the personalized book for Dad 3. Design a photo of your most cherished moments with him 4. Don’t forget to thank him 5. Don’t forget to wish him Drift back in time: It all began years back when you first came into the world bearing the title of nothing else but of being your mom and dad’s child. This is where you need to  take a jump start at. It will be an emotional ride for you to write and much the same for your dad to read through and it’s like what they say, a read that moves someone enough to tear up is a successful read indeed. Don’t shy away from narrating your emotions. This is a personalized account of your very first memories so give it all you got. Let you dad know what he meant to you even in the earliest of days. We promise you, he will cherish this section for life and beyond. Highlight Your most cherished dad memories for your personalized book for Dad Was it the day he brought you home your very first bike or the time he just held your hand out for a walk at the park, you can take moments out of those special times and make a compilation of it put together. Here is where you can turn the emotional tears into tears of joy. Remind him of the times he tirelessly helped you through your math homework and the times he was up all night beside you when you fell sick. Let him know how you owe it all back to him and are thank for all his relentless strength and love for you. You can even take it all up a notch and add objects that you might have saved as a keepsake. A stamp that you had taken from his collection or perhaps the medal he helped you earn back in school at sports…This will really bring meaning to your effort. Designing a Photo Book for Dad Seeing is believing and when photos are captioned with meaningful words, they become an emblem of connection and thought. All you need to do is get in the childhood photo album and get your favorite ones out. You can explore plenty of apps that let you add the edits with some neat templates.You can even get the option of adding captions to your photos. Make sure you get the photos copied beforehand so the originals are left untouched. Parents can be a little too stern on family albums! A few pages in the book with photos captioned with your own words and thoughts will let your dad see those memories in a different light. He was proud of you graduating in that photo? Show him how you were proud of making him proud! Don’t forget to thank him The whole task is heartfelt and fun. It won’t just ignite the fatherhood in your dad all the more in his old years now but writing a book for him will rekindle your feelings for him too; the magic behind the art of writing. Let your father know how you will forever cherish his love and devotion and that you are thankful for all those sleepless nights and the tiresome tenures of picking you up from school and dropping you there. Count the sacrifices he made for you and how just a mere smile you gave him made it all even for him. Let him know that each effort he made is still engraved in your heart and that he is the gravity that holds your existence. Don’t forget to wish him It is his day after all and without making him the final Father’s Day wish, your book is pretty much incomplete. A simple “Happy Father’s Day” is all you need to keep it short and sweet but before you get to that bit, make sure you write one last thought of devotion to your father. Let him know that you will always be there for him for he was always there for you. Make him feel like you still need him in his life and that you and him share a bond that surpasses the temporary life. Let him know you mean that much to him and add the best photo at the end of the book. FAQs: Are personalized items a better option to gift? Personalized gifts hold a lot more value to the receiver and become a keepsake. A personalized photo album or a book gifted to a loved one will hold a lot more value than just a tie or a pen. Are digital books a better option than paperback copies? Digital books are something you can access easily just about anywhere. With something stored on your smartphone, you can even read your tales on the flight without the hustle.
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