On Character Development & Arc (From Script)

In this week’s round up brought to us by Script magazine, Jeff Howard, the screenwriter behind horror favorites “Midnight Mass,” “Haunting of Hill House,” and Oculus, provides seven actional screenwriting tips on character arc and character development. Plus, read an exclusive conversation with the industry’s leading literary agents from A3 Artists Agency, and Rustin screenwriter Julian Breece on his writing journey and tips on writing biographies, and so much more!

SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Ep. 509 – From NBC Intern to Writer/Producer of TV with Grant Rosenberg

Grant Rosenberg has worked in TV for over 40 years which includes being a writer on the hit show “MacGyver.” He talks about how starting out as an intern for NBC-led to a career in television.

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Advocates for Artists: A Conversation with A3 Artists Agency Motion Picture Literary Division Co-Heads, Adam Kanter, Valarie Phillips and Andy Patman

A3 Artists Agency; Andy Patman, Valarie Phillips, and Adam Kanter

A3 Artists Agency Motion Picture Literary Division Co-Heads discuss what the new path forward is for writers with the new deal post-strike, the spec market, the importance of understanding analytics and algorithms, to shepherding their clients’ voices and material, as well as the nitty gritty of providing feedback. Plus, they share pitching advice and what’s hot and not in the market.

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Ask Phil: Feeling Rejected

Finally, a question about screenwriting that avoids the clinical topics of narrative structure and formatting style and cuts right to the heart of what it means to be a screenwriter: Dealing with rejection!

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Q&A with Bones of Crows Writer-Director Marie Clements

Bones of Crow, Marie Clements

Marie Clements talks about being an indigenous woman, screenwriter, and independent filmmaker.

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Saltburn Film Review

Saltburn; MGM; Amazon Studios

This is a Stygian fairytale of envy and want that is at times entertaining and exciting and at times confounding. Fennell isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of the topic she’s addressing, often illuminating man’s dark underbelly.

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On Character Development & Arc with Screenwriter Jeff Howard

Screenwriter Jeff Howard (“Midnight Mass,” “Haunting of Hill House,” Oculus, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Gerald’s Game) answers reader questions about character arc and character development.

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Own Your Power: A Conversation with Rustin Co-Screenwriter Julian Breece

Rustin; Netflix; Julian Breece; Photo by Colton Haynes

Julian Breece talks about his journey writing the Rustin screenplay, his research process, and the importance of honing his character’s voices on the page, and he shares advice for writers embarking on writing a biographical screenplay.

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How to DOCUMENTARY with Award-Winning Director Julie Cohen

Mastering the form of documentaries, intersectionality, and humanity with award-winning director Julie Cohen.

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INDIE SPOTLIGHT: An Interview with Bolivar Writer-Director and Actress Nell Teare

Nell Teare talks about the seed of the story, tapping into her personal story to feel her way through writing the script and her performance, her filmmaking journey, and the importance of her creative collaboration with her cinematographer Julia Swain.

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