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Our spectrum of services offers our clients with a qualified team of writers and editors along with publishers collaborating to create a masterpiece worthy of making to the bestselling shelf.

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From planning our script revolving around your idea to create the basic storyline of the novel to the main setting and highlighting the creativity and imagination, we use all literary features to write an innovative story.

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Creative Ghostwriter Inside at Ghostwriter Inside

Our spectrum of ghostwriting service offers you with a qualified team of professional writers, editors, and publishing mavericks who work collaboratively to write a book worthy of bestsellers shelf.


The chief author belongs to the published community. The process comprises of in-depth strategy session.


Creative content with a range of 200-300 pages.

$25,000 - $30,000(Approx. $120/page)

Strategically designed content with a range of 350 pages & beyond.

$35,000 - $45,000+(Approx. $100/page)

Cover Designing

Presentation is a significant part of your book hence our world-class designers are at your service to deliver designs which are not only creative but also leave a lasting impression.


A team of creative designers is allocated to every book ensuring amazing covers.


Team of 2 creative designers’ research and provide 4 different concepts.


Team of 3 creative designers’ conceptually design 6 unique concepts.


Alluring Book Trailer

To amplify the impact it is necessary to expand the book’s advertisement campaign. Book trailer provides readers with brief portrayal of words and effectively grabs their attention.


We enhance the video for online exposure and our creativity amplifies the impact.


We create stunning trailer by combining high quality images along with our HD footage.


Trailer is shot completely in HD. We collaboratively work with clients to deliver the message.


Interactive Author Website

The Characteristic of convenience has transmuted Internet into an incredible marketplace for books, and e-Stores have surpassed traditional retail outlets when it comes to selling books.


Affordable web-designing ensuring your work has ample online exposure.


A fully responsive website consisting of 3 to 5 pages. Adequate for a blooming author.


Exceptional web-designing with unlimited pages and multiple revisions ideal for professional authors.


High Quality Audio Book

Over the years, there has been a drastic rise in the demand of audiobooks because it allows readers to download books at their convenience and access them whenever they want.


Note: Prices are subject to change depending on the duration and use of sound effects.

Online Book Publishing

Publishing a book is an intricate task. Fortunately, you have us to take care of the complexities, ensuring your book is available to readers around the world.


We provide publishing services to ensure your book isn’t just another manuscript but rather a book by potential bestselling author.

We guarantee to publish your book on well-known platforms including, CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle.


Persuasive Book Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Service uses a unique blend of branding services to introduce your book to prospective online readers across the globe.


Marketing your book is as important as writing it. With our persuasive branding we capture readers’ minds.


Basic marketing including promoting your book on various social media platforms.


Strategic marketing ensuring your book has sufficient digital exposure as well as social media promotion and SEO service.


Copyrights Certification

A rare opportunity to become a certified published author and gain your well-deserved position amongst the most poised authors in the world.


Disclaimer: Prices may vary in-case of any hindrances during the copyrighting process or any changes in official fee structure.