Extra-Ordinary Tips For How To Start Writing A Book For Fun

Most people have the misconception regarding professional writers that they are always having fun while they are working on their projects. But it is clearly a misconception. No matter how passionate you are about something but if you keep doing the same thing repeatedly then you, as a human being are bound to get stressed out some time.

Learn To Have Fun While Working:

Over the years writing or let’s just say that ghostwriting, which is also a major part of writing career, has helped many professional writers to get out of their financial crunch situations but where ghostwriting has helped professional writers financially it has also helped stress them out as well. Being an author for your own book, about something that you love and choosing your own work are things that have always been the things that people have gotten inspired from when talking about writers. Writers were never meant to sit down on a chair in front of a laptop or a desktop computer and keep on creating content regardless of the fact that they like the topics or they don’t. Not having the liberty to choose what you want to write does affect your stress levels and your ability to have fun with your work.

Sadly this is somewhat unavoidable and everyone has bills to pay therefore it is something that cannot be helped. Ghostwriting is now one of the most respectable ways to earn decent money and there are many writers who even make ghostwriting fun for themselves. Not being able to keep the balance between your professional writing and your passion for writing causes many writers to even fall into the dreadful downwards spiral known as the writer’s block. However, there are a few extra-ordinary tips that will help make writing fun for you again.

  • Write a book for fun
  • Write a book online for fun
  • Take a vacation
  • Get in your writer’s zone
  • Exercise and stay healthy

Write a book for fun: Alright so, how to start writing a book for fun? Many writers make the mistake of not following their own dreams and passion for writing and sooner or later they find themselves so engrossed in their professional writing lives that they forget what it was like when they used to write simply to have fun. In order to have the same feeling of fun again you must take initiative and start working on your own projects. Choose your own topic and start writing a book just for fun. Take some time out every day where you can simply concentrate on your passion for writing and write on your selected topics. Not only will it give you the satisfaction of being able to work on your dreams and passion for writing in fact it will also help you get back the creativity that you might have lost due to the pressure of constant writing for somebody else.

Write a book online for fun: These days the trend of e-books and short stories on the internet is quite common. You, as a professional writer don’t need to tie yourself down by only writing for a paper back, traditional book when you can use the internet to write short stories or even full-fledged e-books for fun. Not only will you be able to give time to your passion but it will also help you get a peek into your audience’s minds and help you know and understand that what your readers actually want to read and you can use this knowledge to further polish your skills as a writer. You can choose your own genre, your own topics and write whatever you want to without having to worry about anything because let’s face it, it’s the internet and people write all sorts of things online, why not use this as an opportunity?

Take a vacation: Writing a book for your own fun may require you to get creative and use your imagination. Both these things work best if you, as a writer, are not stressed out; therefore you must take some time out to unwind your mind and relax so that you can get your creativity back. Take some time out to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul so that you can help yourself feel alive again. Once you are de-stressed then you can write professionally and for fun as it will seem much easier to you with you being all rejuvenated and de-stressed.

Get in your writer’s zone: Every writer needs to have that space, not physical but in fact a mental space, where nobody can enter and distract them. To have fun while writing you need to get in your zone. This is a happy place inside your mind where no one disturbs you, your concentration levels are at their highest, nothing distracts your and you can utilize your creativity and writing skills in the optimum and the most effective way.

Exercise and stay healthy: This is a simple equation where you need to focus on having a healthy body because a healthy body gives you a healthy mind.

How much money can a ghostwriter make?

Every ghostwriter may earn a different amount of money based on the number of projects he or she is working on. Since many ghostwriters are also full time employees therefore they might even have different salary packages as well.

Can anyone become a professional writer?

Yes, anyone can become a professional writer or a ghostwriter provided they have the necessary skills required for writing and the passion they need to continue in this line of work. Most professional writers choose this field only because they love to write therefore if you enjoy writing then yes you can also become a professional writer.

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