How Do You Write A Book Review For University

Throughout your life, you will be required to read books. There might be different reasons behind it but it is an unavoidable fact. Whether you are in middle school, high school or taking a higher education course in university, there will always be a need for you to consult books. Even after you are done with your studies, reading is something that people usually keep at. Reading the newspaper, reading blogs and articles online, reading the bible, reading magazines or even reading brochures and ads on television are things that everyone does quite regularly in daily life.

Now, reading is an important skill but understanding and creating a book review is also a very significant skill that one should have as it not only helps you out in your school life but is a useful skill that will help you out throughout your life.  Here are five important steps that will allow you to learn how to write a critical book review for university.

  1. Read and understand the book thoroughly
  2. Start-off by writing a short summary of the book
  • Determine the important aspects
  1. Make use of quotations
  2. Conclude

The learning process may take a little time but if you follow the steps mentioned above then you can easily learn how to write a book in university or in any other phase of your life.

Read and understand the book thoroughly: The first and the most important steps of all is to first read the book thoroughly and understand each and every aspect of the book very thoroughly. Your understanding of the book is highly important as you can never summarize or explain something to anyone else unless you comprehend the whole concept yourself. Every person who has ever managed to make a book review in university has always paid extra attention when reading the book.

Reading and understanding a novel or a fiction book is much easier than understanding a nonfiction book. Technical information requires one to analyze the details and information provided in a nonfiction book with a lot more focus than a fiction book or a novel. Therefore, do not skip through, never be impulsive, and start writing too soon.

Start-off by writing a short summary of the book: Now, once you have read the book through and through, you can now start to summarize the book. Focus on the central idea of the book. Find out and provide the gist of the book in focus, your summary. You need to make sure that anyone who reads this summary should get an overview of what the book is all about. When writing the summary of the book you must also take care of the fact that you don’t get carried away and provide too much detail. If you provide too much detail then you are simply undermining your own hard work. There is no point in writing a summary that is excessively long and that provides way too much detail. If people want details then they always have the book itself to read.

Determine the important aspects: So, you have already provided your audience with the summary of the book and now you must discover all the imperative aspects of the book and provide your audience with this detail. It is usually a good idea to break down the book into various parts and look at each part with a critical eye. You are not required to provide details about each aspect of the book but you do need to at least write a paragraph or two for each of its important aspect so that your audience may find out about the significance of each aspect of the book as well.

Since it is a book review therefore you can also include your own comments and opinions about how you found the writing style of the author and whether you liked or disliked how the author lead towards the ending or the plot of the book. But you must keep in mind that every book is different and therefore each book review might vary from each other based on the preferences, genres and the books themselves.

Make use of quotations: It is always a good idea to include quotes from the book itself because it helps your audience to connect with the book on a much deeper level and their understanding about the book becomes much better. For example if you are talking about a certain character in the book, that you think is a genius then why not use a dialogue or two from this character. This will help your readers to build up a very good understanding about the character you are talking about in the review.

While it is highly recommended for you to make use of quotes and include them in your review but you must also keep a balance and be very careful because you don’t want to overdo it. You should make sure that the quotes that you are using are short and precise. Using long quotes may waste your hard work and may overshadow your whole review. Quotations are like tools that you should use to help make your review better but do not focus on the tool too much or else it will ruin your whole book review.

Conclude: Every good book review comes with a short and relevant conclusion. You must also provide your readers with a conclusion that lets them go through the major points of the review and you must also provide your overall opinion about the book as well.

How to write a book review of university level in UK?

There are various guides available online that can help you learn the art of writing a book review, which is according to a university level in UK.  Simply going through these guides can help you learn and write book reviews in a very short time.

Can you hire someone to write a book review?

Yes, there are many professional ghostwriters available online, who can easily help you out in creating a book review. You can also hire professional ghostwriting companies for this sort of work as well.

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