How To Create A Book For A Gift

 Let us go back to a time when love overpowered materialism, when creativity had more value than just a high-end watch and when family and loved ones were worth more than anything else in life. Let us rediscover those sacred bonds and nurture them all the more with something meaning to gift. On this eve of Eid, Christmas, and or even on that special someone’s birthday. let us give them the gift of thoughtfulness, pure affection, and art; let us write a book for a gift. With love and devotion at stake, there is a lot to think of. Perhaps that is why writing may come as a challenge. Nonetheless, when there’s a will, there’s away. With our short and easy guide on how to write your own book for a gift, you will have those creative juices flowing in no time. Without further ado, let us bring you closer to your masterpiece by laying down some easy hacks on how to write a book for a gift. 1. Get in the “write” zone 2. A proactive approach 3. Focus & get on with the writing tool 4. Get down with the topic you want to write about 5. Create a draft of your final account 6. Create the Masterpiece and make a copy of it 7. Proofread 8. Conjure the artist in you for the book cover 9. Launch your masterpiece and get it published 10. Do not compromise on the marketing 1. Get in the “write” zone The human mind is a universe in its own capacity so do not underestimate the power of the human mind when it comes to creativity. Draw inspiration forms the reality all around you. When humans built homes out of shards in prehistoric days and then built rockets that reached the moon, when they managed to develop technology that lets you control your whole life through a phone device, assuredly the human mind can channel the same creativity in writing a book. Feed your soul the power it needs. Revive your body from the stress and panic of daily life and take a break. Let things pause for a moment and give thought to yourself. Question yourself on what you stand for, what is it that you like, and what difference do you want to bring through a book. If things feel too dull, do not lose hope for after every storm, there comes sunshine. 2. A proactive approach Success never came out of procrastination. Realize that this is your start-up and only you can make it work. You can utilize the perks of being your own boss the right way without the pressure of meeting hefty deadlines and facing its repercussions otherwise. You need to exploit this opportunity to the fullest making it into your legacy with a tad bit of professionalism. A wise person once said, “Waste time and time will waste you” so make the most of it while you got it! 3. Focus & get on with the writing tool The art of writing dates backs to the age of Pharaohs so there are no rules to what medium you are opting for when it comes to writing. Prehistoric scriptures used depictions of logography inscribed in hieroglyphics to narrate compilations such as the Book Of Exodus and The Book Of Kings that shaped history for mankind. If the Pharaohs could narrate their thoughts on stones and walls, you can assuredly use a pen and paper in case you are one for some calligraphy, a typewriter, or maybe just your touch screen. Just make sure the medium you are opting for is reliable. 4. Get down with the topic you want to write about The perks of being your boss are countless but what takes the lead is the matter of having no boundaries to what you really want to achieve and make it all about. Writing is a depiction of your true self so search deep inside your soul and meet the real you concealed below the superficial skin that we all put on. Make it all about yourself because that is what you will score best at. The only rule to abide by is to make it intriguing for the reader to read so keep it creative and artsy at all times. Growing pains of the X-box generation; In case your childhood has the best memories for you to narrate, go for it! Run some thorough research on the matter at hand. Do you want to make it into a biography style read or is it just a personalized account of the fun times you might want to share? Perhaps you want to make it a bit more unique and go for an account for the 21st-century kid growing up in an era where video games surpassed board games? Remember to stay organized and cover the areas you know will intrigue the reader enough to stay put. 5. Create a draft of your final account Once you have the basic idea in place, you now can work with the flow of things. Create the rough draft at first to bring structure to your tenure. Laying down everything in bullet points in the simplest language should be helpful. Again, research. Give other samples in the genre a read. Let it inspire you. Research always brings out better clarity to an idea. Let it refine your concept before you get on with it. 6. Create the Masterpiece and make a copy of it This is where the magic begins. All you have to do is let your creativity, your mood, and your concept get in synchrony and you will have your work of art ready to go. Unleash the very depth of your mind and cover each topic you have listed in your draft with all the passion you can get out of you. Keep the language simple yet skillful. Let your work become a true depiction of your deepest thoughts so that once you have it launched; you feel proud to have your name associated with it. In other words, give it your best shot. 7. Proofread With the countless applications available, proofreading may sound much of a formality. Nonetheless, an application can never do the job of a human. With that being said, one might as well get the final piece proofread by another person than yourself. Studies have shown the writer will always miss out on the mistakes they have made. Therefore, we highly recommend hiring a proofreader to give the final draft a read. 8. Conjure the artist in you for the book cover Visuals are everything. Moreover, art and writing go hand in hand. The way you present your book, from the cover to even the font used, defines the fate of the book. An interesting cover that goes in-synch with the vibe of the book should do the trick. Make sure to add something that is on par with the current trends of covers. The more you keep it up-to-date and striking, the more will your book stand apart from the rest. 9. Launch your masterpiece and get it published Once that you have the content proofread and ready along with the cover and the graphics done with, nothing is stopping you now from getting the book published and launched. You are moments away from your dream coming true. 10. Do not compromise on the marketing Once you have the distribution house running their course with things, it is upon you to market your book. Most publishing bodies collaborate with professional marketing firms that will have your book reaching out to the right audience. Do not compromise on the marketing of your book as, without the awareness, your hard work and effort will go unnoticed so better safe than sorry. Make sure you don’t compromise on the marketing aspect. FAQs Are digital books the new thing? With the advent of smartphones, tablets and even devices like Kindle built specifically for e-books, the reader’s territory is no exception. E-books have gained all the more relevance since the birth of a global movement towards preserving trees.  Masses are more keen on digital books rather than paperback copies that end up as trash at the end of it. Is writing a successful profession? Writing is a timeless form of art and has earned its worth through the toughest of times. Earlier on, the profession was hard to nail owning to the huge costs of paying loyalty to publishing houses and more. With platforms like Amazon, the profession of writing has seen a revive whereby you can get your work published and advertised free of cost.
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