How To Create A Book For Brother In Different Ways

Written content is one of the oldest and perhaps the type with the most impact. While there are various forms of them available today, the written literature still holds its charm. That is why writing books and stories still remain one of the most common hobbies today. However, while some do it professionally, others do it to prove a point. In the case of our topic today, it is the book for a brother(s). Not only because it is one of the most beloved sorts of kinship, but also because the content based on it has made waves in history.

Therefore, if your idea is to make a book for brother or dedicate it to brothers around the globe, then you will have to follow the format and structure. While you are allowed to be as creative as you like, since you have the liberty to write about your own relationship with brother(s), you need to follow certain guidelines if you ever hope to get your idea published. Now, it is not as difficult as some paint it to be. However, it is not as simple as it sounds either. It does take dedication and devotion, considering finishing writing a book is considered an achievement in itself. Therefore, let us dive right in.

Base It On True Events

Now, you might have an idea or you just have it in your mind that you want to write a book for your brother. However, where do you begin? What are you going to write? What is the purpose of this book? Are you going to dedicate it your own brother? Are you going to write about kinship and brotherhood? Or do you just want to focus on comrades that you have had, aka brothers in arms? Whatever the context might be, the content and its tone depend entirely upon you. Given, that you have to follow a certain structure, you can base it upon some of the following:

  • Based on true events that you have experienced
  • Times your brother(s) have held you up
  • The importance of this particular relationship in the life of a man/woman
  • What does it take to be a good brother?

These are just some scrapbook ideas off the top of anyone’s head. However, the context and complexity of it depend entirely upon your own idea. Consider your structure a pie and the content you write is going to be the filling. The container remains the same but the substance depends upon you.

Make A Reminiscent Story

Prolonging the previous point made, why not consider making a reminiscent of your time with your brother(s). Not only because you will find more than half the population of the world relating to you, but also because it is the easiest, yet the most innovative way you can get. All you have to do is make an account of the events you have experienced and the role of your brother or brothers. The presentation depends entirely upon you, but the content can be based on your true experiences. Not only will it ease your mind regarding coming up with content, but you will also be making something that might make your siblings happy.

Write Inspired Fiction

Taking off from where we left in the last point, you can take that content and mix it up. Consider it like making a new dish out of last night’s leftovers. You have had experienced events, yes, but how about your present them in a fictional setting? For example, if you and your brother stood up against a bully in high school, why not present it in a more grotesque fashion? How about you and your brother wielding flamboyant weapons against an alien (aka the bully). These are facts because many accomplished writers have come up with intriguing fictional stories based on real life. For instance, Courage The Cowardly Dog presents the world from the perspective of a canine.

Focus On Content Structure: Be Creative

This time, we are going to talk about structure. Yes, you need a book summary and an outline. However, there is no penalty on getting creative, is there? How about you present it in a non-linear and unorthodox fashion. All in all, it depends entirely upon you.

Ensure The Quality

Last but not the least, no matter how ridiculously fictional you get or how true you remain to your experiences, one thing remains the same. That is to ensure the quality of content you write. Make sure you get some professional help with proofreading to ensure its smooth sailing during reviewing and publishing.

How do I write a book about my brother?

As mentioned above, you can get as creative as you like. It could be fiction or just a straight-forward account of memories you have lived with them.

Will it take long to write a book?

It all depends on your dedication and will. However, a professional takes averagely 3-4 months completing a book.

Can I hire experts to write a book for my brother?

Yes, you can hire ghostwriters to help you write a book regarding anything.

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