How To Create A Book For Study Room

What is your favorite space to be at? It might be the beach for the swimmer, the gym for the fitness freak, the burger joint for the regular Joe, and perhaps the study room for the reader. A study room is a privilege not many own. The concept of a room dedicated to studying may seem like a little boring to the non-conventional generation with a heart for recreation and hi-tech gear. Nonetheless, when life takes its toll, we can all use a little downtime in a quiet study room with the classics to read or indulge in some fantasy reads that let us escape our daily routine just for a while. For those of you who are keen on the idea of a library but don’t own a mansion, maybe a study room will do the trick. The question remains: “What should I stock up in my library?” While that one is discretionary to your liking, we can still help you out with the dilemma of how to create a book for a study room. With our simple guide on creating a personalized book or your study room, you will be getting right into the studious mode, spending quality time on refined thoughts and surrealism.

Find Your Mojo In Your Book For Study Room

This is your study room so it has to be about you. A study room is not a very common premise to own so it’s obvious someone keen on the idea will have a heart for reading and studying. This is why you need your own genre and taste to flourish here. We can all buy the popular work of arts written by renowned authors and stock it all up in the study but this is about you rediscovering the artist in you. Be it a past project that is collecting dust in your hard-drive or some real-life story that you have always wanted to put in writing, now is the time to exploit the opportunity.

If you come to think of it, the idea of establishing your personalized study room is all about you building your safe space; a place where you can relax, a little vacuum in the air where you can let your creativity flow, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is why you need to have a little bit of your own craft incorporated in your safe haven. Bring on the soul search and begin with the thought process that you have long kept as a keepsake in your memory. Select what you really want your book to be about. Once you have the topic sorted, the fun begins.

Collect artwork for your book for study room

 A book is supposed to be all about writing in the elite houses of Penguin Random House and HarperCollins but that rule is not something that applies to a personalized book. You can go all out on the artsy side or keep it to a minimum if you want. There are no rules to it as you are your own boss here. Collect your sketches, photos, and drawings all you want and make a compilation of it. The only rule you need to follow through is to make sure the visuals stay relevant to the context of the book. You can even go all out and create your own visuals if you have the sketching fling in you. After all, you are creating your masterpiece so it is all the better if you incorporate every bit of your creativity in there.

You can opt for applications like Adobe and more to bring on a touch of digital art. Applications available online can add so much more to the visuals. Design it from the scratch in the virtual gateways or, edit what you have created by hand. You can get your handmade sketch scanned in your device and edited through an app to add effects and all the futurist magic. You can even get a pen tablet to go all onboard. The realm of digital artwork is infinite; it all depends on what you want.

Create a book cover for your book for  study room

 This is the last step in the making. Once you have your genius content all ready and sorted along with the visual effects, you are now left with just the cover of your masterpiece. The cover of your book can be anything from something of a B&W visage to colorful vibrant imagery. You can make a paperback cover from even clicks you have taken from your phone camera or in case you are a photographer, you might have some high-resolution smashers waiting to be utilized. Give your book the best shot you got as this will be the keepsake number that you will cherish for years to come. Perhaps this will be your legacy you will leave behind for others to cherish too so make the most of it!

How should I get started on writing a book?

Follow a few simple guidelines as follows:

– Sort out your writing genre

– Make a draft of your plot

– Write the synopsis, the beginning, the climax, and the end

– Compile your cover imagery and any images that may have to go inside the book

– Give it your best shot.

What questions should an author be ready to answer?

– What is the inspiration behind their work?

– What did they learn while writing the book?

– What does the title depict?

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