How To Create A Book For Wife With The Right Strategy

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How To Make A Book For Wife

If you are bent on writing a book about your loved ones, then understand that while it may be a great gift for them, it also needs to serve a purpose. People are not just going to pick a book off the shelves if it does not offer anything to them. Such as a different view on life, relationships et cetera. Therefore, if your wish is to write a book about your beloved, then first you need to figure out the purpose of it. That is when your abilities as a writer will be tested for the first time.

However, worry not as not all books need to change the lives of their readers. All the better if they do, but most books that have had an impact on people’s lives did not intend to do so. Therefore, the focus should be on natural flow. Which, in this case, is your love for your wife. If your creative spark is driven by your emotional range, then you will not only come up with words that sound attractive to the ear, but they will also embed themselves in the mind of your target readers. In order to do that, let us discuss some of the most important things about writing a book.

Understand The Need

When needs or bare necessities are mentioned, people think of air, water and food. While they are not wrong, it does not apply in this case. You have to ask yourself when you came up with this idea, what was it that you wanted to achieve? What precisely was your goal? This objective will drive the whole process and prove vital in the process to follow. Was it to show your love to your wife? Was it to let the world know about the perfect role model she is? Do you want other couples to learn something from you? Or do you just want to write a guide sort of book for those struggling with their relations?

Whatever your initial thought process was that made you want to make a book for your spouse, you should run with it. Most experienced writers go with their initial thought. If the base or objective of your creative work changes in the making of it, it may crumble. In order to prevent that, stay focus and focus on one goal.

Prepare The Material

Now you are just getting started. However, if you want to know the kind of books that couples like, there is no better way to research on already existing material. Whether you want to blend in the crowd or stand out, doing this will help you understand what you need to do. Moreover, it will provide you with the right type of material to do so. Therefore, your research should focus on helping you get the right type of material. Nevertheless, if your idea is original and based on your spouse or the relationship you have, then you need to focus on the important points. Such as:

  • What makes you stand out?
  • Things that help you two get through harsh times
  • The strategy or go-to-things you do when you are displeased with each other
  • Focusing on the points that make you two happy
  • How you two manage to stick together?

These are some of the points that can drive the type of audience that likes this type of books. You do not need to go all out on your secrets, but you do need to get things clear with your reader. After all, the book must serve a purpose and these points can help you do just that.

Devise A Plan: Structure

Now you must structure your book. Do you want it to be sort of a guide? When you thought “I’m going to make a book for my wife”, did you just want to dedicate wondrous words to her? Your plan should be based on the goals, as we discussed earlier. Therefore, the focus now shifts on the right type of structure. Whether you want to describe your life in a linear manner or discuss the points that you love about your relationship, it all comes down to your preference.

Focus On Format

Now that you have a plan and know what you want to achieve out of your book, shift your focus on the proper & basic structure of a book. While it allows you to get as creative as you like, some principles would remain the same. Therefore, make an outline of the whole structure and then follow it up with a chapter by chapter approach. It will ease the process if you want to change or go back and tweak something.

Proofread & Edit

You do not want to sound unprofessional and throw your reader off. In order to prevent that, make sure you focus on proofreading. Do not just look for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, but also keep your eyes opened for structural or formatting errors. Keep in mind that none of your chapters should be longer or shorter than the other. While there are certain exceptions, you should not misuses this. Make sure your book looks professional when you submit it for review and publishing.

Now, if you have questions then take a gander at the FAQ section below.

Do I need to structure the book when I create a book for my wife?

Yes, you do need to structure any kind of book when you begin. It keeps the progress smooth.

How can I write a book about my wife?

Based on the type of book you want it to be, you should follow the approach and structure mentioned above.

Is it necessary to follow a certain structure?

Yes, it definitely is. The standards of book writing established over centuries warrant one to follow them.

Can I write a book about my wife as a reminiscent or living book?

Yes, you can. Book writing gives you creative liberty and you can use it as you please.

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