How to Create a Book Step By Step

Thousands of writers have the inspirations, ideas, and potentials to write books that can turn into masterpieces and could be there as the bestseller books but just because of one hurdle they refuse to take the opportunity and leave all the fame and money coming with it. The reason is they do not know the head start. They have no idea about what to write or perhaps from where to start writing about a book. Do you struggle with the same questions? If yes, then this post is a must-read. If no, you should still continue reading because there is some great thing you are about to learn and who knows you may unlock or/and discover your writing potential.

You must be wondering what it is to be told. Well, this is your guide to write a book step by step. After you read this and follow the instructions, there is no going back and you will start writing the book you have always wanted to start. Analyze and execute each step with complete honesty and dedication. Here you go with the list:

  1. Select a Genre
  2. Generate/Brainstorm multiple Ideas
  3. Choose the Best Idea
  4. Plan Your Book
  5. Start Writing the First Draft
  6. Edit and Proofread the Draft
  7. Prepare the Final Draft
  8. Launch the Book

1.      Select a Genre

This step is the one that decides where you are to head in your writing. It explains to you what you want to write about. It makes your focus more aligned and centered towards your goal. Selecting a genre means you know what type of audience you will have and how to write for them rather than attempting to cater to all the people in the universe. This step allows you to finalize a niche as well and lets you know where exactly your interest lies.

2.      Generate/Brainstorm Multiple Ideas

Once a genre is decided, the next thing you to do is sit down, take your paper and pen, or open your PC screen and start to brainstorm ideas. You need to do it as long you get ideas or until you think that, your mind is satisfied with what is generated. Line them all on a list.

3.      Choose the Best Idea

Good job! You created multiple ideas and now the list is in front of you. Take a look at all of the ideas. Look at the level of interest, engagement, and creativity of each idea and analyze each one properly. Decide which idea you want to work on. This is very important because when you select one this is when you are about to start the journey. (You can always go back and re-do this step if anything goes wrong.)

4.      Plan Your Book

Book writing is an art and to properly execute each bit of it one needs to plan adequately. This step is the most crucial out of all the ones from ’how to create a book step by step’. You have done your homework and now it is time to check if it was right. Plan on what in the idea you are going to write. What niche is going to be catered? What will be the learning lessons of the book? Why do you want to write it? How long will it take to complete or how much you will write every day? What will be the estimated number of chapters? In which tone you want to start it and finish it? Cover each aspect of how to write a book step by step.

5.      Start Writing the First Draft

Excellent! You have made it to all the above steps. You are about to start your first draft. This is huge. Let’s get started. Sit down with your PC, take a deep breath, and start writing. Your mind may be then flooded with words and multiple creative ideas do not stop it and just continue writing. Go with the flow now because everything is planned and of course, you cannot plan words. Therefore, the craft is yours and you need to fill it up with your creativity and words.

6.      Edit and Proofread the Draft

You have finished your first draft. Congratulations. It is now time that you read it thoroughly and find out all the mistakes that may have occurred while writing the first draft. Identify all the errors, spelling mistakes, alignment issues, etc. Edit your draft with possible changes. Proofread it. Read it one more (or a couple of more) times to see if your book is what you wanted to write and does it abides by all your expectations. Also, check that is your book engaging and interesting to read or no.

7.      Prepare the Final Draft

You made it here. Your book is just a step away from success. Set your final draft that is free of all the errors, mistakes, and issues. You also need to create the cover page of your book now.

8.      Launch the Book

You made it this far! This is the last step. Get hold of a good publishing house and launch your book in the market. Once people like it, enjoy your success then.

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