How To Create A Compelling Book For My Daughter

Books have always been something that has been kept in high regard by people all over the world. Why do you think people hold books in such high esteem? Well, it is quite simple. Books have always been a source of knowledge and information for human beings. No matter what part of the world you belong to, books filled with knowledge in the native language are always considered as a valuable thing. Our world has seen many great minds, philosophers and sophisticated & wise people, all these great and wise men have always considered books to be one of the highest and valuable treasures in the world.

Benefits of books for children:

As soon as a child starts going to school, even though this is the digital age, he or she starts to come in contact with various kinds of reading material, books, illustrated books and etc. Most children, unfortunately, are not attracted towards books as much as they should be. The reason is simple because children have a very high level of energy and they prefer to physically exert themselves rather than sitting down and having a good read. However, along with high levels of energy children are also blessed with a very active and strong imagination as well. This is something that can help children to take interest in colorful pictures and illustrations. This is precisely why children’s books have a lot of illustration work included in them, because it helps to attract children towards these books. Kids find plain text boring and by adding colorful images and pictures in a book, this plain text becomes more interesting for young kids.

Books are highly beneficial for kids, even more beneficial for kids than they are for adults because these books help kids to make a strong base that helps them read and write later on in their lives. Learning to read and write in childhood pays off in the adult life, practical and professional life of a person. Children’s books are written and designed in a way, that allows them to learn new words, connect words with pictures and learn the meanings of different words and of course, are a source of knowledge as well.

Different books for different genders:

Minds of boys and girls, are tuned from the beginning in a different way. Where boys are normally inclined towards tough and strong things, girls usually grow up reading stories like Cinderella and other sweet, loving and magical things.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered how to create books for children. The way it happened was that I was approached by someone who told me the “ I want to write a book for my daughter”. Listening to the person I also felt like wanting to make a photo book for my daughter as well. Upon researching on this subject, I discovered some amazing tips that can help create a compelling book for young girls.

  • Work on your book’s idea
  • Create interesting characters
  • Determine your word count
  • Capture your audience’s attention quickly
  • Make your character face problems
  • Include colorful images and pictures
  • End your story with a moral

Work on your book’s idea: If you are thinking of making a children’s book then you must already have an idea in your mind but work on your idea and refine it before you finalize it. It is best to have a number of different ideas so that you have the option to choose the best one among them. In this step you are also required to come up with an attractive title for your book as well.

Create interesting characters: Every good child’s story has interesting characters. You do not have to think of many characters because just a couple of characters are enough. Make sure that at least one of your characters has some distinguishing habits that set the main character apart from the rest. It is best to give your characters something funny, as a habit, so that your audience stays interested and engaged.

Determine your word count: Each age group has a different word count that they can read up to without losing interest. If you are talking about younger kids then it is best to keep your story short. A story of 10 to 15 pages would be more than enough for your audience.

Capture your audience’s attention quickly: When you are creating a book for children you must keep in mind that kids lose interest very quickly. You don’t have time to build up a background for your story with young kids therefore it is highly suggested that you start your story abruptly so that you can successfully capture the attention of your audience.

Make your character face problems: You must ensure that the main character in your story is solving some kind of a problem and helping his fellow characters. You also have the option of creating a problem for your character and show that the main character is not at all interested in solving the problem. Either ways, your character should be engaging and the problems and solutions can vary with the story.

Include colorful images and pictures: Kids love pictures and images. A children’s book without any colorful pictures is not a children’s book at all. You must make sure that your book has the main attraction because this is what your audience wants.

End your story with a moral: You must end the story just as abruptly as you started it. However, you must make sure to provide a sound moral that will help your audience learn something good and useful.

How to make a recipe book for my daughter?

Helping young girls to learn new recipes can be tricky but creating recipe books for young girls is not. You simply have to search online for detailed steps that will help you in creating amazing recipe books for your young girl. Another way is to use pictures to explain the steps required to complete a certain recipe.

How to make a memory book for my daughter?

Making a memory book for kids is quite easy. All you have to do is list down all the important people in their lives and each person from that list must have a special place in the book so that kids can record their memories in that specific place in the book.

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