How to Get a Book Written and Published

Writing a book and getting it published is a dream to accomplish for thousands of people. Even after having the potential and required skills, they cannot write a book let alone publish it. Why does this happen? Because they lack guidance and are clueless on what to do. If you are one of them, this is for you to read.

To cater to the issues of thousands of struggling writers, here are some important steps through which they will write a book get it published, and enjoy the fame later on.

  1. Identify the Genre
  2. Generate Ideas
  3. Plan Your Book
  4. Create a Draft
  5. Edit and Proofread the Draft
  6. Find a Literary Agent
  7. Show Your Book
  8. Submit a Query Letter
  9. Get a Publishing Contract

1.      Identify the Genre

This step is on top of the list because this will decide what you want to give to readers and what you are good at when it comes to writing. Sit down and analyze in which genre you feel most comfortable in, what is the genre that you think you can write perfectly. When you choose a genre, ask yourself that is it the right thing, is it what my readers will want to have, will I write it with my highest potential, or is the decision just driven by what is trending. Once you answer all of these questions, you will have a clear picture of how to get a book written and published.

2.      Generate Ideas

Generate multiple ideas on what you want to do. Give yourself time for brainstorming and critical analysis of the situations. Generate as many ideas as you can or until your mind is not tired. This step may take a few days to be completed because creativity works best when you give yourself time and relaxation. Once you generate all the ideas, collect them on a list, and analyze each idea. Decide which idea is most suitable to write a book get it published and become famous. Finalize one idea and move towards the next step.

3.      Plan Your Book

Planning is an essential element of successful projects. You need to plan each step afterward. Plan what you want to write, plan in how many days or months your book will be completed. Plan what will be your targeted audience. How will you start the book? What creative measures will you take to make it interesting? What will be the estimated pages and chapters? Decide and create a unique and attractive cover page for your book.

4.      Create a Draft

Once all the steps are completed you are now free to follow what your heart says. Play around with words and come up with a masterpiece of creativity and skills. Display your talent of writing in each word of the book.

5.      Edit and Proofread the Draft

When your draft is ready, the last step to do is give it a good and thorough read, check for any mistakes, errors, or typos. Make sure you give it a good read and edit the draft before you turn it in for the final launch or publishing.

6.      Find a Literary Agent

Now that your book is ready and all set. It is time to get it published. To get a book published, the first step is to find a literary agent who will guide you to the publishing company. Make sure you do not fall into any false trap and find an authentic literary agent who will help you get your book published.

7.      Show Your Book

When you find an authentic agent, they may ask to show them your work so that they can analyze if it can be published or no. Show your work to them and make sure you only show your work and not submit it to them. Be aware of the frauds that happen around.

8.      Submit a Query Letter

Before you get along with the publishing, make sure the publishing house is authentic and once you are sure then submit a query letter to them. In the letter, you request collaboration and you ask for their publishing house brand name to be affiliated with your book. Send the letter to them and wait for the next move from them. Also, list down all your queries related to the publishing in the letter as well.

9.      Get a Publishing Contract

You have made it to the final step. Congratulations. This is time for you to get a publishing contract and your book is about to be published now. The world will now know you and appreciate your writing skills and talent. The contract lists down all the legal and financial matters such as how much share will you get out of the book, the copyright issues, the share of the publication house, and some more obligations and powers.

How to become a good writer?

Becoming a writer is not easy yet it is not impossible. If you are passionate about writing then all you need is motivation, inspiration, and utmost dedication to become a successful writer. One tip to write well is to read as much as you can, the better your power the more you will be able to write.

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