How To Make A Book Comic In 6 Easy Steps

We all grew up around superheroes, characters which would put us in awe and amuse us by their powers. Come to think of it, they were all originated from comic books; mere drawings that grew and transcended into actual moving imagery.

It can be quite fascinating to build an alternate reality through the practice of storytelling. And there are a few who wish to delve into their query on how to create a book comic Here are 6 steps that are going to help you with your venture.

  1. Starting off with an idea

Everything begins with an idea until it transforms into a tangible form which can be perceived through different means. Similarly, creating comic books is no different. If you wish to become a storyteller then you must ensure to befriend your notebook. And in that scenario the best advice that you can get is to carry the notebook with you at all times. Whenever you come across an instance where an epiphany hits you, you can simply note it down.

The idea does not have to be a fully conceptualized one. You simply need to go with it and see where it takes you. For example, the creation of super cat came into reality after the comic book creator had met other artists at a convention and during their conversation was hit with a realization and an idea. An year later, super cat was created.

  1. Writing your own script

One of the mistakes that you can come across whilst you to contemplate on your question based on, “make a comic book, how to approach it”, is to draw your comic before you even have a story. You might feel the urge to grab yourself a piece of paper and kick off with your drawing. However, with comic books it is best that the creator refrains from jumping into the comic but rather strategize their approach in order to avoid failure.

It has been suggested that the creator takes their time to write their script. And it does not have to be fancy, you don’t even require an expensive application to get to it. A simple editor application that allows you to add text would be sufficient enough to get your work done. Here are some tips that you should keep whilst you structure your comic books script:

  • Understand and highlight your genre
  • Know your main character and their objectives
  • Create settings within your story that are believable
  • Having a beginning, a middle and an ending


  1. Planning your layout

Once you have written your script you can get on with your drawing as well. However, before you delve into that the first thing that requires your nurturance is your layout of the drawing. Your aim should be to create something that grabs attention and piques interests. Keeps the reader interested and helps them flow with your comic book. And one of the most common and popular ways to do that is by adding cliffhangers to the ending of each page.

Express it to your reader that something big is ahead of them, but you need not reveal it to them yet as to what that ‘big’ thing is. Another one of the effective methods is to work on a layout by the help of thumbnails. They are very much similar to storyboards; not only do they contribute to the composition of the comic book but help you invest your time adeptly at adding colors to your drawings. Now it is up to you, whether you decide to make a rough layout or not.

  1. Drawing your comic

Whether your work is traditional or digital, drawing and conceptualizing a comic isn’t the easiest task. However, at this present stage you need not worry about your work being flawless but rather focus on the basic drawing of your comic. But make sure that you have picked the right tool to draw your comic, one that is a personal preference.

  1. Adding colors and ink to it

Once you have drawn your comic, it is time for it to gain some color. You can choose either of the methods as per your preference and see where it goes.


It is highly important to choose the right colors, they can either make your comic book or break it entirely. For that reason it is important that you choose the right set of colors and keep them consistent. Imagine having a character who’s cape is red in one page and light blue in the other. That is going to be pretty confusing.


You can add depth to your illustrations by adding ink to them. Spaces, where the ink is saturated, is going to appear more deep than spaces that has less ink.

  1. Adding letters

This stage is often overlooked by many. You might end up with an amazing story, the illustrations might be amazing but if you miss out on the lettering then it won’t really be a story. It will simply be a comic book with images only. You can even letter sound effects, emotions and other simpler expressionisms into the lettering.

How long does it take to make a comic book?

The time it takes to make a comic book entirely depends on how lengthy your comic book is going to be and what elements you wish to add in it. It can be highly detailed, simple or even minimalistic and that is the factor which will decide the time frame for the comic book till it gets ready.

What is the cost to make a comic book?

The cost to create a comic book is dependent on the features that you will be accessorizing your comic book with. The more features there are the more it will cost and it also depends on the artists you hire for your comic book.

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