How To Make A Book For Your Boyfriend

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How To Make A Book For Your Boyfriend
  1. Start with “The day we first met” in your book for a boyfriend

Starting with the first day when you both set gazes at each other will always be a winner. That was a moment in time for you and so was it for him. A rare occurrence like that should take priority! Make a detailed effort on this section. Go into the details of everything, from the weather to even the color of his shirt. Take a stop to narrate how his presence around you made you feel that day. Let him see it all through your eyes. Let your significant other know how significant they are to you. This is where you need to let go of the awkwardness and let them know how they brought you the happiest moments.

  1. Write a book for your boyfriend by listing out All the things you love about him

This is the fun side of it now. Think of it this way; your boyfriend might be too curious about what it is that you like in him but maybe just too shy to ask. Guys sometimes just won’t let go of playing it cool even though they are eager to know your thoughts on the inside. A narration of all that you love about him will sweep them off their feet for sure. Start from the major qualities they have from their personality, their inborn nature, all the way to the small details of their appearance, and even their habits. This is where your book will grow on substance.

Picture him going through the answers to all his questions that had been haunting him now being answered. This section of your book will have them feeling enchanted and relieved at the same time. The only rule of thumb you need to abide by is to keep things meaningful. Talking about his appearance and the way he dresses is bound to give it the shallow vibes so choose your words wisely. Be bold about your thoughts for him but write it in a way, it sounds deep. If your love for him is deep, your words can be too!

  1. Create a book for your boyfriend using comics

Now comes the amusing part. No boyfriend on earth doesn’t like a bit of comical fun. Making use of drawings and sketches humorously will add character to your book and let you steer clear from making it into something overly emotional. Bring the funny side of you in comical sketches. In case you are not an artist, you can always opt for an application that will let you create your desired image.

You might now be wondering what sort of doodling might work here. You can depict a funny moment you shared with him in the comical artwork. How about keeping it sweet and simple with something romantic; a cute couple sitting together by the pond in a cartoon style format? You get a tonne of options available for free. Comics are a great way to bring more ambiance to a book. Let your creativity take effect and don’t stop at anything!

  1. Make a photo book for your boyfriend

Here is where those countless selfies take effect. There isn’t a girl in the world who does not have countless photos saved in their phone of their bae and this is the right time to make use of those tidbits. You can get on board with the oldest clicks to the most recent ones. A sequel is what will give it life. Getting the photos printed out is easy. You can even try out applications that will have templates to use. Insert your photo in the template and give it character. Let your creativity flow. There is so much you can do with editing from inserting meaningful captions to adding effects. Print out your photos and decorate them nicely in the book of love. This is how you create a slam book for your boyfriend!

  1. Make new memories by making a memory book for your boyfriend

Not that you are in the final chapter of your love book, you need to end it on a note that lets them know they are a keeper. Let him know how you see both of you together for a long time. Make him realize how he brought meaning to your life and how every moment you spent with him was divine. Mention a moment that made your bond stronger with him. Let him feel like you are forever going to be there for him and that you look forward to spending the rest of your life with him. Make it in a story-teller style chapter that narrates the moments that tested you both and how you both came through the hardest times. This is what will define your relationship to be something more than just a fling.

How should I begin a memory book for my boyfriend?

A brief account of the moments that matter to you narrated in simple yet intriguing words will do the trick. You can even begin by adding a love quote.

How should I make an interesting book for my boyfriend?

Writing is a form of art that is as diverse as it can get. You can add photos with meaningful captions inserted underneath, small paragraphs that define your relationship, or even allocate some real effort and write a poem for him.

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