How To Make A Captivating Book For Birthday

Wise people say that one should make friends with books rather than being friends with people. Ever wonder why anyone would consider a thing made out of paper to be a better friend than a real live human being? Well, considering the fact that throughout history there have only been a few real sources of authentic knowledge and books are a medium or a channel that leads to that source then yes, most books can be much more beneficial for a person than most other humans.

Ingredients To Make A Book For Someone’s Birthday:

  • Find out the likes and dislikes of a person
  • Decide on the genre of the book
  • Get inspiration from the person’s favorite books
  • Write roughly
  • Create a compelling book cover
  • Proofread and edit
  • Pack, wrap and hand it over.

Find out the likes and dislikes of the person: Of course, it is something that is implied that if you are going to make a book for birthday for someone then you must be sure to know about what they like and what they dislike. It is highly important that you ensure that you are creating the book for someone who appreciates reading and is a book lover. Otherwise, there is a risk of all your hard work going down the drain. However, there is always a possibility that you can write something so wonderful that the person in focus might actually get hooked on to reading after he or she reads the book you have written. The problem here is that it can go either ways therefore it is best to make sure what the person likes or dislikes prior to starting all your hard work.

The fact that you are trying to determine what the person likes also incudes that you take into account what their age, gender and location is as well. The basic demographics can also help you understand the person in focus and the more insight you have in the matter the better chance you have for creating a masterpiece.

Decide on the genre of the book: Everyone has a favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening to music or watching movies or cartoons. People choose their favorite genres according to their tastes and preferences. Well, it is not that people choose their favorite genres but it is more as if they fall for their favorite genres and liking something is a phenomenon or a decision that is made by a person consciously but they do not have control over what they like. It is a matter of what touches the heart of the person.

So, as a writer you must be very careful about the genre you are going to pick because you are writing this book for a person’s birthday and the genre should strictly be what they like.

Get inspiration from the person’s favorite books: If you are writing a book for someone’s birthday then it is imperative that you find out about the books that person has read in the past. Discovering what books the person has read will not only provide you with insight about a person’s taste but will also inspire you to comes up with something that is according to the tastes and preferences of the person in focus.

Write roughly: It is extremely important that you start-off with the creation of a rough draft or a mind map. Jotting down bullet points is also one of the best ways to begin writing. When you write something down in a rough manner, you allow your mind and thoughts to get organized. Every good writer has a habit of scribbling down whatever comes to their mind before they actually start writing a book or a novel because these rough drafts and mind maps become a base, which they can use later on for ideas. Another great thing about doing this exercise is the fact that you can note down all your ideas on a paper where, if you forget, you can find them and use them later on.

Create a compelling book cover: You must pay as much attention to the packaging of the book as much as you focus on the content inside. The cover of the book must be attractive and should be able to pique the interest of your reader before they even open the book.

Proofread and edit: You are bound to make mistakes while you are creating the content of the book. Make sure that you take enough time to check and correct your mistakes before you finalize everything.

Pack, wrap and hand it over: You are now done with the making of the book for a birthday. All you now have to do is to finish up, wrap the book in a nice and lovely manner and hand it over with a smiling face to the person you care for.

Where can you hire good book writing services?

Many good ghostwriting services are available easily online which you can check and choose from according to your preferences. Hiring professional help always pays off and most authors usually get their books written from professional ghostwriters.

Can you hire a ghostwriter for writing a book for someone’s birthday?

Hiring a ghostwriting service or a professional ghostwriter to create a book for someone’s birthday is totally a decision that is at your discretion. Yes, you can hire if you feel that a ghostwriter would be the best choice and no, you can pass on this decision if you think that you can create something amazing yourself.

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