How To Place Ghost Writing Book Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer online game by Kinetic Games, developed and published by British Indie Studio. The game was published in 2020 and is available on Microsoft Windows through Steam. In the same year it developed momentous popularity as there were many YouTubers playing the game.


What Is Phasmophobia?

It is a game that is developed from a first-person perspective. A person can play as a single player or with a group. Or with up to three or four players as ghost hunters. The game has a fresh look and offers an immersive experience to the players. Players can hunt for ghosts in different locations such as asylums, abandoned cabins, Appartement, etc. The game has used high-end sounds and has targeted realistic graphics.

In this game, the players have to find out and identify a ghost on the respective site. Users can also take advantage of the chat by their voice chat. The chat can be by a walkie-talkie or locally if it is a short distance using your own voice.

The main goal; of the game is to enter different haunted sites and look out for the ghosts and remove them. The ghosts can understand the keywords that a player uses through speed recognition. As much as the player passes a level, it unlocks maps, new and difficult levels. The only setback is that the game has a specific number of maps.

The game is an investigation genre, and it uses various ghost hunting tools. Some of the ghost hunting tools are Spirit Boxes, EMF readers, Thermometers, Fingerprints, etc. Some of the other tools for Phasmophobia are Salt, Lighter, Sound Sensor, UV Flashlight, etc. The game was stated as a success as it was number 6 on Steam’s list of most played games.

Player Count of Phasmophobia

Player Count of Phasmophobia

Source: GitHyp

The Tools Of Phasmophobia

Start by identifying three clues then you can find the ghost in your journal and find a way out. But first, you need to see which ghost you are up against and identify where it is. To tackle this, you need to make sure you have the required tools to search for pieces of evidence. Following are some of the basic, and essential tools required for ghost hunting are,

EMF Reader

You can turn on the EMF reader while exploring the location and monitor the levels while clearing the rooms. The EMF reader helps to detect if the ghost is nearby or if there is any kind of paranormal activity. It is a handy tool and can lead you to the rooms where there are chances of a ghost. In case you reach level 5, you can save it as a piece of evidence in your journal.

Spirit Box

A spirit box is a perfect tool for collecting evidence and aggravating the ghost. The spirit box asks the players to sit alone and quiet in a dark room and initiate a conversation with the ghost. You have to ask questions from the ghost, and the main goal is to get a response from them. The ghost may respond to the player by turning off the light or moving objects, or talking to the player directly. The way the ghost response can be noted, in the journal.

Make sure the lights are turned off and hold the Spirit Box proximity chat (V). Until you receive a response keep talking and try different rooms.

Video Camera

It is another essential tool evidence for ghost hunting. For a tip, it is suggested to leave the camera in the van until you have spotted a ghost. Once you have hunted ghosts, the players are suggested to return to the van and bring back the video camera. Make sure you have a wide; view and keep it on. After placing any crewmember or you can go back to the van and monitor the room.

Left-click allows the changes in the camera, and if you click on it will turn into night vision. Keep an eye on the ghost orbs. They look like fireflies and if you see one, log it into the journal.

Flash Light

It is preferred to keep the flashlight in the van at an early stage. Once there is a prominent presence of paranormal activity keep a UV flashlight. Trace the UV flashlight across the affected areas. The pro tip for finding evidence is to look at the windows and doors; you will see green spots. To keep it as evidence, take a picture and log it in the journal.

Ghost Writing Book

Once the haunted room is identified keep a ghostwriting book. After knowing where is the ghost set it up the journal in the room and wait and press the F key. You can keep the journal on the table, dresser and on the floor. It is a matter of time and the ghost reacts. One of the benefits of ghostwriting is it is the easiest way to collect evidence. The premises of it depends on the AI.

You can try to talk and have a little conversation with the ghost and if it doesn’t respond in a few minutes make sure ghost is in the room. After sometime there can be some traces and if they appear on the bookmark it. A ghost can write in a book no matter how it is kept.

The Key Features Of Phasmophobia

The game has realistic and captivating features that bounds a player. With its high-end sound it sounds really scary. The game is also available and supports VR system for a more enhanced experience.

1.      4 Player Option

Players can play this game as individual or as a team of four. Whether on a PC or in VR. It offers to play with multiple players.

2.      Immersive Experience

Players can have realistic and adventurous experience that can be a little too haunting.  Players can go for highly interactive equipment for a real-time experience.

3.      Best Equipment

Players can use various equipment that are easily available at their use. There are phenomenal tools such as Ouija board. EMF reader, flashlight, etc.

4.      Procedural Ghosts

Each game and stage are different for the other. You need to become a detective to find out what the ghost and how to tackle with it.

5.      Haunting Locations

There many locations to have an impeccable gaming experience. Each stage offers an impressive location to have a phenomenal experience.

6.      Real Voice Integration

The ghosts listen and they listen to the real voice of the player. You can use your real voice to interact with the ghosts by EVP sessions and Spirit Box.

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