Inspirational Tips On How To Start Writing A Book For Beginners

Writing may seem like a hassle if you are someone who is just starting out as a writer. If you want to be a writer and you have just started thinking of writing your first book then understand this that you are bound to face some unexpected troubles. However, learning how to start writing a book for beginners can be achieved by expecting and preparing yourself to encounter unexpected troubles while doing something that you have never done before.

If you want to write a book for beginners then you need to comprehend the fact that writing comes from passion, every good author or writer whom the world knows about had a lot of passion and something that kept them going, motivating them every day to finish writing what they started. But, how do you start writing a book for beginners? How can you motivate yourself?  Take J.K Rowling as an example, her motivation to write Harry Potter was her own financial crunch and her need to take care of her family. Her passion and motivation was her family whom she wanted to take care for. But, different people have different things in their lives that motivate them. You need to find the right motivation for yourself.

Write A Book For Beginners (Some basic tips):

Writing is an art, while many may think that it is art that people are born with but you need to think differently because thinking like that will ensure the fact that you will never become a good writer.

  • Always Stay Positive
  • Get Inspiration From Your Own Life
  • Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
  • Learn To Organize Your Thoughts

Always Stay Positive: Staying positive and thinking clearly are the two major things that will help you as a beginner, in fact these two habits help even the most seasoned writers to be creative and come up with manuscripts that the world simply just can’t get enough of. So, the first thing as a beginner you need to do is to clear your mind off of anything that is getting you down. So what if you haven’t written a novel or a book before, nobody starts out being a writer since the day they are born. Yes, there are some very gifted writers out there but you never really get to know about the troubles they had to face in their daily lives just to complete writing what they started. All you need to focus on is that you can do it and you will! Writing is definitely an art but every art in this world can be learned and learning is what you should focus on as a beginner.

Get Inspiration From Your Own Life: So, how do you start writing a book for beginners? Where can you get the inspiration needed to write a book? Have you met that many people in your life that can help you with learning about new, interesting and inspiring stories? Well, these are all things that you as a beginner might be thinking but thinking like this will not help you. Focus on your own life experiences. Many of the world’s best writers have used their personal life experiences, their own pleasure and pain, the happy and tragic moments of their own lives and using their own life experiences not only helped them to talk about it their issues out in the open but these issues and life experiences actually turned out to be great material for writing as well. Nobody in this world leads a life without any tragedies or happiness so as a beginner you can also make use of such events from your own life and get inspiration from them to write a book.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing: Yes, creativity! One of the most important ingredients to become a good writer or at least a writer is none other than creativity. Again there are people who are extremely creative and then there are some people who are not. Well, to tell you the truth everyone is creative it’s only that some people are willing to use their creativity and some people simply don’t give their creativity a chance. Think of creativity as a muscle in your body and the more you use it the stronger it will get. Make use of your imagination, let you mind wander in your own imagination and mix your imagination with your real life experiences from the past and you will be surprised at the blend that will come into being. Let no new ideas go to waste and start scribbling without worrying about how it may seem to your readers because your main concern is to give yourself a jump start by getting your own creative juices flowing.

Learn To Organize Your Thoughts: Now, there are many people who aren’t afraid to write, who don’t have a problem with getting inspiration and who don’t even have a problem with creativity either. Their main concern is the fact that when they start thinking, they get too many ideas and they just simply can’t keep up with their own mind and thoughts. So, you need to learn to organize your thoughts. The best way to do it is to take some time thinking about the topic at hand and then start scribbling bullet points on a piece of paper or create a rough draft or even a mind map. All you have to do is bring your thoughts on a piece of paper so that you can shape them up later into an amazing read.

Can anyone write a book?

Yes and no, anyone can become an author but to become a writer one needs to have a certain level of grip on the language as well. So yes, anyone willing to learn and have a good grip on the language they wish to write in, can become a writer.

Do writers make a lot of money?

The amount of money each writer makes is different because mostly writers and authors earn from royalties that they get from their books, when they are sold. So, the number of books for each writer is usually different and hence their income is also different.

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