How To Start Writing A Book For Kindle Format

Kindle is a huge platform to display your writing skills to the world and gain the deserved fame for your talent. If you are a writer and want to go digital with this platform by launching your e-book then here is what you should do to know how to make a book for Kindle.

There are only four steps you need to follow accompanied by some sub-instructions to accomplish the desired results for your e-book.

  1. Manage Line Spacing and Paragraphs
  2. Finish Manuscript in Kindle Create
  3. Preview of the e-book
  4. Upload on Kindle Create

1.      Manage Line Spacing, Paragraphs, and Formatting

Formatting manually is very important before you jump to the process of how to create a book in Kindle format. To make your e-book look align and perfect it is important to give line pacing and indent the paragraphs. Do it in a normal writing style by choosing the ‘normal’ option from the home of word. Choose to modify after it. Click on the format and select the paragraph. Choose indentation and spacing. Click the ‘OK’ option once you set the indent of 0.2”.

Make sure each heading of your document is formatted by the ‘Heading’ option according to the requirement of the heading. The main heading always has to be ‘Heading one’, after that the subheadings are formatted as ‘Heading two’ and the sub-sub headings are labeled as ‘Heading three’. Once you Format all of these the document will be easy to use on Kindle Create since it fetches the headings of the document and allows you to edit further. The headings options are present on the Home bar of word on the ‘Style’ option. This is one of the main steps in the book formatting.

2.      Finish Manuscript in Kindle Create

Once you format your draft, it is time you put it in the Kindle Create and make the necessary changes in the manuscript. The Kindle Create will not only bound you with editing or changes but it also tells you How to Create Picture Book for Kindle as well for you to spread creativity in all possible ways. To properly format your e-book these steps are to be followed.

        i.            Get Kindle Create

To get Kindle Create on your PC follow the instructions given below.

  • Download the Kindle Create and install it on your PC.
  • Open the app and click on the ‘Create New’ option.
  • Select your book type and click on the ‘Choose File’.
  • Browse your document from your PC and click ‘Open’.
  • Kindle Create imports the document for you.
  • Choose the ‘Continue’ option. Kindle create will track the headings of your document.
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ option when a list of chapter tiles appear in front of you.

      ii.            Front and Back Matter

Front and back matter play a vital role in the look of the book. These two include stuff such as the tittle page, copyright page, bibliography, about the author, or dedication page.

    iii.            Table of Content

The table of content is the ultimate need for a document. It is added at the start of the book because it allows a reader to give a quick read or when the reader is planning to purchase a book. Nonetheless, it makes the readers know what exactly you have written or what you have to nourish their minds with.

To get the table of Content on Kindle Create, click the thumbnail of the first chapter and select the ‘Insert’ option in the contents pane. Click on the ‘Table of Contents’ option in the insert option. Once you do this, all the chapters will be aligned in one format and your table of content is formed. This happens easily because you have earlier used the heading style in your word document.

3.      Preview the e-book

Once the formatting and alignment are completed. It is time to give the book a good read and preview it. it is important to do because if there are any errors or discrepancies left in the book they could be fixed without any troubles. It allows you to check the quality issues and fix them.

To get the preview, download the Kindle Preview (this is a free desktop app for Kindle Create users), You can preview the book by clicking the ‘Preview’ option.

4.      Upload on Kindle Create

Once everything is set, click the ‘Publish’ option on the top right corner of the interface. Click on the Bookshelf option and upload your file.

How to Create a Book Cover for Kindle?

A book cover is an essential part of a book; it plays a vital role in attracting people towards the book and encourages them for at least a read. Creating a cover for the Kindle book is easy with the following steps.

  • Download the Cover Creating app on your desktop.
  • Open the app and select the ‘Kindle cover’ option or you can insert your customize design.
  • Choose a layout from the library.
  • Upload your customized photo or choose from the present ones.
  • Add filters to the picture to make it look eye-catching.
  • Fix the images for perfection in the cover.
  • Edit the text on the cover and write what have planned for.
  • Save your edits.
  • Share it with the world by publishing it on your Kindle Book.

How To Start Writing A Book For Kindle?

To write a book for kindle is a responsible job. What you need to write the book are the following things.

– Motivation to write the book: to write a book it is necessary to know what has inspired you to write it. Find inspiration and you will be motivated to write the best selling book.

– Creativity: for a book to be best selling one creativity is the key. Allow yourself to stand out of the clichéd writing styles and ideas and bring something unique on the table to encourage your customers.

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