How to Start Writing a Book for the First Time

Writing is an interesting field, it is interesting, it is meaningful, it gives the opportunity to display your talent to the world and allows you to play around with words and create masterpieces that will be remembered forever by the readers.

However, the experience may not be the same for each person who wants to write or wants to create a book. It can become a nightmare for the people who are new in this profession. Why does writing a book becomes a nightmare though? Because they are constantly bothered by the thoughts of how to start writing a book when they are new and have no experience.

If you are also a newcomer in the business and want to write a book to showcase your writing skills and talent to the world then you are reading the right thing. This post is going to talk about How to Start Writing a Book with No Experience. Yes, you read it right. Let’s begin with the steps.

  1. Stay Motivated
  2. Select a Genre
  3. Generate a Unique Idea
  4. Create an Outline
  5. Create a Draft
  6. Read and Edit it
  7. Design a Cover
  8. Request for Publication

1.   Stay Motivated

The first and the most step to write a book as a fresher is to stay motivated towards writing. This is how to get motivation to write a book.

  • Make a list of inspirations
  • Stay consistent
  • Eliminate distractions and take breaks
  • Write smaller pieces
  • Look for appreciation

–          Make a list of inspirations

To stay motivated, list down all the inspirations you have to write the book. Start by prioritizing the topmost inspiration and go down in ascending order of priority. This step is helpful because every time you feel like giving up or leaving the project in between, a glimpse of this list will encourage you to get back on the project.

–          Stay consistent

Remember, it is important to do something than to do nothing. There are days when you will feel low and you would feel like dropping the idea of writing a book but you need to push yourself and write at least a small paragraph or a few lines even. Stay consistent with your writing because once the chain breaks you may have to start all over again.

–          Eliminate distractions and take breaks

To stay motivated, you need to eliminate all the distractions. Anything that comes in your way of writing, remove it for the time being. However, this does not mean that you become a robot and work day and night. You are obliged to take breaks as well to refresh yourself and resume writing again.

–          Write smaller pieces

This is very important to remember. You should write small chunks and pieces as a fresher because if it is not good enough you can always discard it without any demotivation.

–          Look for appreciation

Appreciation is the key driver of motivation. Share the pieces you write with people you trust. Tell them to give you feedback and if the piece is well written, you will be appreciated.

2.   Select a genre

The genre you pick is the base of your book. Everything else depends on the scope and acceptance of the genre in the audience’s mind. Choose it wisely and choose the one you are most comfortable with. This step is essential and important for the answer to your how to start writing a book Uk question.

3.   Generate a Unique Idea

The next step is to generate a unique for what you want to write and what you want your audience to understand from your book. The whole book depends upon the idea you start with. The more unique your idea will be the more engaging your book will be.

4.   Create an Outline

The most frequently asked question from new writers is how to start writing a book outline? Here is how to do it.

  • Decide the premises: start with the idea of your book, what is your idea and how is it going to help you achieve what you want.
  • Identify characters/subjects: identify the characters or main subject you are going to use in the book, think of it, and create an illusionary image for it in your mind.
  • Prepare the plot: write and list down when, where, how, when, and why you want to write this book. What will be the starting point? What is going to be the plot for it?
  • Decide the length of the book: decide the number of pages and number of chapters of your book according to the plot and premises. (This can fluctuate when you write the actual book.)
  • Estimated time to Finish: decide the estimated time to complete your book, this is important to stay focused and dedicated.

5.   Create a draft

You have come a long way now and the daunting job of planning has been done. All you need to do in this step is to give yourself the freedom to play with the words and create a draft. You need to write in small parts rather than writing chapters in one go. Writing small parts will allow you to correct somewhere or discard something if it is not suitable.

6.   Read and Edit it

Once your book draft is ready, it is time to give it a good read and do a thorough inspection of the draft you have written. Be attentive and check for any errors, grammatical mistakes, and typos. You can also change a few paragraphs or some lines if you think they are not good enough. Editing the draft will make you have a final piece, which you will call your book.

7.   Design a Cover

Design an interesting and attractive cover for your book so that your readers may get the book just by looking at the presentation in the form of the cover.

8.   Request for Publication

Your book is ready to be published. Look for a good publishing house to introduce your book to the world.

How to Start Writing a Book Online?

Writing a book online is simpler and quicker than the old methods. Here is how you do it.

  • Think of a good topic for your e-book.
  • Outline everything about the e-book.
  • Design the cover of your e-book.
  • Choose suitable colors for the fonts and the cover of your e-book.
  • Use visuals in the e-book.
  • Generate good quality of content for your e-book.
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