Thinking About Ways On How To Start Writing A Book On Your Life

We have all come across this statement on people wanting to share their stories. It does not matter if your story doesn’t appear on New York Times, who knows, maybe it’s a story that’s meant to be shared amongst family and peers. And most importantly, what matters the most is the sentimental value of the story to the author. If you think you are one of those people who wish to write their life’s story, but having difficulty at understanding where to start from.

Here are some tips that are going to help you with your question on how to get a book written about your life, structure and format it to present it through your book. They are the same tips that I used to showcase my life’s story.

  1. Knowing your readers

In case you are writing your story for your family, the story is going to be a bit different than the story that it meant for the general public. You will be required to think about whether you wish to change the name of people within your story or keep them in their actual form. Apart from that, you will also be needed to consider whether you will be writing your story as a part of fiction.

There is a concept linked between real life stories and fictions. The weightage often inclines towards real stories where experiences and events are written in a comprehensive and realistic manner. Adjoining the two scales of reality and merging into one. However, there is no hard and fast rule; it is based on your preference if you want to write your story as fiction or not.

  1. Get into writing

It is important that you motivate yourself to start writing, note down everything that you think has been a major part of your life and you think it would benefit your story by including it within the story. At this stage, the order of these features do no matter, however, noting down them is what matters.

This will not only help you go down your memory lane but assist you at defining the story and giving it a form in order to appear like a written piece that represents you. If you are thinking about how to start writing a book about your life then make sure you start off with something, no matter how it sounds or appears.

  1. Explaining the scenes in your life

Writing down scenes in your life is important. You can include them in your story or even in your index cards. When it comes to writing stories based on life, it has been recommended that the writer uses the good old fashioned sheet of paper and a pen. Especially when you are going to be writing your scenes separately, which can be arranged in the later stages in an accurate order.

Ordering scenes is going to be an important part of your story however, it is best that you get into that in the later stages when it is required. At this point, simply write down whatever you can recollect from your memories. This not only helped me add mental imagery to my book but was a major help writing a book about my life.

  1. Organizing your story

It is going to be your decision whether you organize your story in a chronological order or if you simply want to focus on the important aspects of your life. You can even choose to go back and forth between the two events that ate situated in the present and the past.

With an order to your story that remains consistent across your story you are going to be adding a structure to your story. And once you have decided on this order, you can arrange them accordingly. Especially if you are thinking about how write a book about my life story then organize it as real as it has been for you.

  1. Opting for a theme

No matter what sort of a story it is. Whether you are going to fiction genre or a real life story, you need to pick a theme. A background that I too used to write a book about my life revolved around a specific emotion and theme, which was supported by furthermore elements. If you are yearning and find yourself thinking that I wannna write a book about my life, then I would suggest that you delve into the theme and translate it furthermore.

In case you are still questioning on how to water a book about your life experiences that take accord of the recurring themes that have prevailed across the major events. This way you wont get caught up with the question of how to get someone to write a book about your life. For example, I knew I need to write a book about my life and I strategized the book in a manner which flowed to a common course.

  1. Using your peers and family

It can be a common occurrence while you start contemplating on how to write a book based on your life, that the feeling of missing pieces sets in. And to resolve that you need your friends and family. Not only are they going to guide you with the ideas but also the details that you might have a blurry memory of. And that is going to be an extremely valuable part to your story.

However, its important that you keep an eye out for the ideas that are going to come popping at you. You will experience questions like how do you start to write a book about your life or if you can write a book about my life or not. There was too much information that needed attention and a framework.

What to look out for whilst you think about whether you could write a book about my life or not?

One of the major things that you should keep into consideration is how to start writing a book about my life. It is the beginning that nags the most, which can be resolved by noting down all that you remember, know and can gather from family and friends.

How to motivate yourself to write if you want to write a book about my life?

Motivation is going to be a major factor when you get near the possibilities of how to find someone to write a book about yourself or how to write a book about your life and get it published. But keep in mind the end result that you are going to gain from the book and how it will bring you closer to the achievement that you have been yearning for.

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