How To Write A Book About Space

Stephan Hawking dedicated his whole life to the subject of outer space. Einstein too spent most of his life studying outer space and as time testifies, the curiosity about it has been thriving in time immemorial. As infinite as the galaxies are, the only thing that surpasses its endlessness is the knowledge that it unfolds. Science is one of the most complicated subjects that is yet to be explored and revealed so the dilemma of “hot to write a book about space” may not be as easy to solve. If Einstein couldn’t solve the mystery of black holes, who are we to try? Nonetheless, this is a book that we are talking about and you don’t need to know rocket science as much as touch on the subject, under the guidance of the maestros who left behind a myriad of research work and knowledge, that too through writing. The science of writing is all about translating the unknown into something comprehensible so when it comes to the question of “how to write a book about space”, all you need to do is translate the theories into something understandable for the reader. Let us begin with the flow of things.

Create a book about space through the perspective of the laid man

There is no arguing the fact that Astronomy is not everyone’s take. The science involves the most advanced concepts of mathematics and physics and as inferior as it may make the regular Joe feel, the subject is only understandable to someone above the IQ of even a genius. Nonetheless, the twinkling stars and the shooting stars are enough to intrigue just about anyone and everyone so everybody needs to explore the realm to the fullest, in their individual capacity. What we are trying to hint here is that when you take on the task of creating a book about space for the laid man, keep the language simple and little laid back. Writing is all about making something out of even nothing and this is already something so big, it defines the existence of the world, it’s beginning and its fate ahead. Integrating a moment humor and taking on a simplified approach to whatever you have researched will let the reader indulge more.

Collect your data

The birth of time is not something to play with. Collect your evidence and your data from authentic resources and run a thorough research on the subject you are dealing with. This is not a matter of child’s play so don’t take it upon yourself if you cannot do it justice. The work of scholars like Stephen Hawking and Einstein should always be processed in a way, it upholds the integrity of the work rendered by those names. Published journals and empirical evidence should be the main sources in your book. Staying put to authenticity should be the essence of your book but that certainly does not mean you cannot give your thought process a shot. You can evolve your book around the possibilities of what you might think the universe beholds. For example, you might want to touch on the topic of UFOs and hint at the evidence and the facts and figures about the phenomenon. What about Black Holes and how the theory was finally put to reality in recent months. The science of outer space is limitless and you have a vast are to explore.

Get your concepts clear

You cannot begin any book without having a clear plot and direction. Sum out the clauses you want in your book. Make a detailed effort towards your genre. Is it going to be just an account of the science of outer space, is it about the unknown side of it, or is it about the possible dangers that reside inside deep space and its effects on the earth and every other planet around it. How about a story-teller visage? The realm is vast and you can all out your creativity here. The only rule you need to abide by is to keep it interesting at all times. Don’t let the boring aspect of a subject so complicated get the better of you. When you are narrating aspects that are based on empirical studies, keep your language simple and interesting. Stick by the fact that you are writing for the laid man, not for an astronaut at NASA. Let creativity take its toll here.

Star Wars has been done and dusted with, find something new

When it comes to writing, smaller writers tend to draw inspiration from best selling novels and books that are timeless and much acclaimed. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired by ground-breaking masterpieces like Star Wars and it’s like but as per research, the new-age reader does not like a book that messes with the work of a maestro. Get inspired just to a point you can take the concept of life in outer space or dealing with aliens and supersonic air crafts and keep it limited to that extent. Don’t go all over board with aliens taking human form and tip toeing at the Moon and Mars as per the mood. The idea has been written over and over written-several times to begin with so lets not over-kill. Originality is key with jut about any book. Let your imagination flourish. Trust your abilities and keep it real.

Am I eligible to write about outer space?

The outer space is one of the most difficult subjects to understand and explore, much like how becoming an astronaut takes a lot more than just good grades and discipline. Nonetheless, outer space has been a major favorite in the realm of science and technology and the decades and even centuries of research has produced evidence and knowledge that anyone can explore. You can apply your research skills at all the information available and can create your piece by the information you can comprehend.

Are Black Holes another dimension?

As for the limited knowledge that scientists have been able to compile to date, black holes were only a theory that were believed by many and mocked by many as well. It was only in 2019 when the Event Horizon Telescope managed to click a photo of what is to be a reflection of a black hole that was caught through a major coincidence. The image put all the doubts to rest and was met with an awe of sadness as it was just a year before the photo making it when Stephen Hawking passed away. He was the genius behind the concept and dedicated his entire life on the discovery of black holes.

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