How To Write A Book About your Dog: Things To Do

Writing is one of the top priorities for humans when it comes to expression. For centuries, humans have expressed love, anger, motivation, grit, bravery and many other emotions and traits through written words. Today, these words have become more than important to many people. For some, it is just an escape from reality while for others it is the exploring of it. Some use it to target topics that nobody else is talking about, while others use it to express love. One of such instances is that of a love of your pet.

Particularly the man’s best friend, a dog. If your wish is to learn how to create a book for your dog or dog lovers, then you need to plan it out and treat it like any other book. While it could be fiction, memoir or a reminiscent story, all you have to do is target the emotional chord that every dog owner has. Now, that sounds simpler than it is because targeting a common topic like this is sure to draw attention. Therefore, you need a plan and strategy that can help get you over the line and make a viable book.

Do Some Research

Now you might be thinking, “I’m writing about my dog, why do I need to do research?” That is where you need to change your mindset in the first place. While you surely may know everything there is about your dog, but you still need to do research regarding a few things. These are supposed to help you not only grasp the topic properly but also help you understand the intricacies of writing a book regarding such a topic. For instance, dogs can feel your emotions and feel them with you. Why does that happen? That question will have to be answered in the book. Therefore, make sure you have the following before you get started:

  • Understanding of Dogs’ behaviour
  • The role of dogs in history and lives of humans
  • Various types and breeds to figure out the kind you have
  • Research what dog owners and lovers look to find in a book
  • Research marketing and target audience of this particular niche

Now you might be thinking that research is needed after all. Because once you sit down to write with all your wonderful ideas about your dog, then there is no going back especially if you do not have enough material. Therefore, it is imperative that you have all the necessary data.

Make A Game Plan

Make sure you have a strategy before you sit down to write. This is important, because in any case if your writing process is halted, your strategy will remind you where to go or what to do. What should you plan out in this part? The first thing should be a page long summary of your book. Pan everything out and how you want it to unfold. It does not need to have details, because that part falls onto writing an outline. That is where you will go into minor details and make an outline of the chapter by chapter unfolding of your book. This way, if you create book for your dog, then it would be easy.

Highlights Of It

What is “it”? This is the part where you deal out the highlights of your life with your dog. The impact this animal had, whether you adopted it or rescued it. The kind of changes it brought to your life and what urged you to make a book about your dog. Things like this will not only come out naturally, specifically if you share a special bond with your pet but also connect with other dog lovers and owners.

Cover Important Areas

While there is no harm in expressing personal beliefs and opinions in a book like this, it is imperative to keep it minimal. However, you do need to cover important areas. Such as the belief that shopping for buying animals is hurting them, and highlighting those points. Also stressing why rescuing is much better and much more wholesome.

Make Sure It Has A Striking Conclusion

While having a different or unique ending is not always a priority, it is all the better if you figure something out. You need to come to a conclusion that leaves the reader thinking and maybe adapt to your opinion regarding dogs. Keep in mind that the point of this book is to share your love and bond with your dog.

How long will it take to write a book about my dog?

There is no specific time for book writing of any kind. You can do it in a month, or you may take more than a year. However, professionals promise to deliver an average-sized book within 4-5 months.

What should I write in my book about a dog?

Share your bond with them. Why things like rescuing are important and what should dog owners and lovers do.

Are there any books about dogs?

There are many fictional and non-fictional books about dogs. You can use them for research material as well.

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