How To Write A Book For Amazon Kindle

Gone are the days when publishing houses were discretionary to established writers. You no longer have to be Shakespeare to get your work published by a verified source. No hate on Shakespeare but this was long called for. What it all boils down to now is “how do I create a book for Amazon and how do I self-publish it?” The process is simple but has its clauses to fulfill. For starters, you can use Kindle Direct Publishing. The app is versatile yet user-friendly. Once you have your book put up, it will appear on the Kindle Store in about a day or two. Once it is up for grabs, you have the whole world as an audience. The best thing about Kindle is that it is free to explore and you get a whopping 70% loyalty on the sales you make. The entire process of putting your book up on the site takes around 10 minutes or less and you’re done. What’s more, is that you have the option of editing your book even after it has gone live. Writing a digital book for Amazon gives you a lot more to explore than a paperback version. How Do You Get A Book Published on Amazon: Amazon is a global platform that deals with not just buying and selling of products but is also the ultimate body that lets art prosper, giving just about any artist a chance to test their luck in the market. The site is easy to explore and with the following steps, you are moments away from getting your book published. Step 1: Log onto All you need to do is log onto and sign up. In case you already have an account there, you are halfway through. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform whereby you can reach a vast audience free of cost. In short, it is a way for ditching those exploitative publishing houses that will be draining you off of everything you have before you even get a return for it. Just log on to your dashboard and get things started. Step 2: Click on the “Create new title” from your KDP dashboard.  Once you click on this tab, you will get directed to the “Introducing KDP Select’ screen. From there, tick on the “Enroll this book for KDP select”. This feature lets your book reach a wider audience as it is up for grabs for free for a selected period. The free feature is for the audience to download your book for free and in turn, yields you free promotion of your work. Amazon will handle the heft marketing and advertising tasks and while you sit back and gain recognition. Step 3: Input your book title and the book description Now all you have to do is enter the title of your book and the subtitle, in case you have one. Let your readers get a hint of knowing what they are in for. Make it interesting yet honest. The title and the summary should be a true depiction of what goes inside. Let there be no doubts about the fact that the cover, the title, and the synopsis are what take up 75% of the criteria for your book getting noticed at all. Work smart and make use of keywords that your target audience may be searching for. If your title and synopsis consist of those keywords, you’re a winner. Step 4: Give yourself the credit as the contributor: You will now be steered to the “add your contributors tab” and this is how you get your book published for Amazon AND gain your hard-earned credit for the work you pondered upon. Click on the tab and type down your name as the author. Step 5: Verify Your Publishing Rights Make sure to select the clause of “This is not public domain”. This is where you will gain the rights to your work and have the upper hand at your intellectual property getting exploited without you getting the credits for it. Step 6: Select your target audience and the Age Group if applicable. Click on the “categories” list and you will get a pop-up icon that gives you two maximum options to select. Choose the selection wisely as this is a tool that will gain you the right kind of audience. Try selecting options that are based on a rival’s work. Trust us on this one. It works like a charm each time. In case it is not a children’s book, you don’t have to even select the age group. Step 7: Make use of SEO tactics You get the option of applying up to 7 “search keywords”. For starters, you can just use keywords your rivals are using. The SEO words are something that will let your link pop up at the top when someone googles the words you have used. Keep the words relevant to your work and it will get you the relevant traffic. Step 8: Choose the Book Release Option You are now just moments away from having your dream come true! Select the “I am ready to release my book” and you are good to go. Amazon gives you the option to edit your book even after it has been published. Step 9: Select your book cover and upload the book content You can upload your book cover or create your own with the Cover Creator option. You can go all out on your artistic side here. Make sure the cover represents the theme of the book. Once you have the book cover done with, you are directed to a tab that will have you upload your file. Make sure you have the content written in the right format. Word, Mobi, ePub, HTML, and Adobe PDF are a few of the many formats amazon accepts. Step 10: Remove or apply DRM  Digital Rights Management is the option you get in case you don’t want your book to be charged by the reader for free.  We recommend you don’t select the “Do not select” option here as this will limit your audience. Step 11: Convert Book to Kindle Format and select publishing territories Just click the convert tab and preview. You are almost done. You will next get the territory options to select. Be wise and select the “word wide” category. This will increase the probability of sales. Step 12: Select Royalty option and fill out the formalities Of course, you want a maximum 70% royalty. Next, you can input the price you want for your book to sell for. We recommend being reasonable, especially when you are a newbie. You will now get the clauses of Kindle Matchbox and Kindle Book Lending. Just tick each box and press the save and publish tab. That is all! Your book is successfully published and you are now officially an author! FAQs: How long does it take to write a book? It all depends on the writer and the genre of the book. Something that has to do with empirical evidence may take a lot longer to write than perhaps a bibliography. The length of the book is also a marker. Is it necessary to advertise your book? Advertising is the only thing that gets things moving. Thanks to the digital media, marketing and advertising have now taken an easier turn and advertising something like a book has become a breeze. You can opt for sites like Amazon to get your book published and the site takes the task upon itself to let your work reach your audience.
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