How To Write A Book For Kids The Right Way

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How To Write A Book For Your Kids

Writing a book may seem like a simple three-word sentence, but it is easier said than done. For some, it comes easily while others struggle with the smallest of intricacies. That is nothing to be ashamed of because starting writing a book and finishing it is considered a feat in itself. How good or bad it is coming later on. Nevertheless, the first step towards success as a book writer warrants one to be consistence, show perseverance and continuous grit. That is why it is important to devise a strategy before you sit down to write your first word.

If your plan is to make a book for kids, then your strategy will have to be around your goal. If the goal of your book is to write a compelling story for children, then you will keep all the important aspects in mind. For instance, keep in mind that the content does not overstep a certain line in any way. Therefore, your utmost priority would be the quality and cleanliness of the content. Moreover, then you will have to do research regarding your topic. However, we will come to that later. Before that, let us look at some of the important aspects of writing a book for kids in order to do it the right way.

Book Writing Intricacies

One of the priorities for any writer should be making enough time during the day to write. While some professional writers do not have to worry about that, as their “job” is to dedicate a chunk of their day towards writing. However, aspiring writers with other jobs might find it difficult to sneak an hour or two into their schedule. Nevertheless, it is important to make enough time to achieve your goals for the day. That is why one of the intricacies of book writing is to make time and dedicate it towards content creation only. While various phases of book writing require different priorities, making enough time in the day is one of them. This is a list of things you are supposed to be doing:

  • Making time in the day
  • Keeping your mind fresh
  • Focusing on your goals
  • Make a goal for each day
  • Do a lot of research
  • Do not succumb to writer’s block
  • Keep writing

On some days, it will be as simple as that last sentence. All you will have to do is keep on writing. That will not only keep the writer’s block away, but it will also bring you a lot of new ideas. However, it is imperative to take breaks from frequent writing, especially if you do it a lot during the day. Now, let us move on,

Things To Understand

Whether your goal is to make a book for kids in general or specifically make a book for your kid, then the first thing you need to do is read a lot of children’s books. It is common in writers who have not read a lot of children’s books to forget important things. Such as keeping the language clean, making sure there is nothing obscene with the plot. However, the most important thing is to make sure there is a lesson and something comes out of it at the end. If your target market is parents who like to read stories to their children, then your priority should be for a lesson to emerge at the end. How can you do that? By keeping some of these in mind:

  • Teach moral values
  • Focus on tradition
  • Focus on the “right” thing to do
  • Make good characters, but also focus on bad characters to teach them value
  • Keep the language clean
  • Do not use too many twists

That last part is because not every child is a fan of twists and turn. Children are straight forward, and to make a book about them requires one to focus on keeping the plot straightforward. Moreover, the parents will never approve of a book for kids with obscene language or elements to it. Therefore, make sure you keep it neat and clean in that aspect.

Format & Structure

There is not much to look for here, as the book writing is a creative field of work. You can look for formulas and structural guidance, but in the end, it all comes down to how creative you can be. Nevertheless, the proper formatting requires you to follow the basics. Make a treaty of your story, then follow it up with an outline of how you want your story\book to unfold. Make sure you go chapter by chapter in order to keep track of the progress and tackle and timely changes required.

Editing, Proofreading & Finalizing

Make sure you do not commit too many spelling errors or mistakes in the duration of the content of your book. While you can always find ways to do it yourself, there are professionals who can help you get it done. If the author is young and willing to find how to get a book published as a kid, then it is imperative to have it reviewed by professionals. Then the final stages deal with book cover and publishing, but that is an entirely different topic in itself.

If you have any questions regarding this, refer to the section below:

How can I start to write a children’s book?

Start by the formula and approach mentioned above. Then it should be straight forward once you have it planned out.

How much does it cost to make a children’s book?

The final cost varies on the type of service you hire and the amount of time it takes.

How long should a children’s book be?

It depends on the type of book and story you choose. If it is for smaller children, then anything between 30-60 pages would suffice. If you wish to make a novel, then anything between 120-150 pages is enough.

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