How To Write A Book For Someone You Love

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How To Make A Book For Someone You Love

Writing is not that easy but when it comes to the power of love, nothing can stand against it. It is about time the art of writing serves its true purpose and that is, making your loved ones cherish a heartfelt book on how much you love them. The question remains, “How to write a book for someone you love?’. With the advent of applications and numerous software, the visuals may be easy to nail but when it comes to writing, it is your innate ability, your thinking power, and the artist in you that you can count on. With your creative mode all set in place, we can help you begin your journey with writing the sacred book of love with a few guidelines. Without any further ado, let the magic begin.

Begin with the first time you met

There are moments in time that only fate can bring you. Start off with that special moment when they first came into your life. Whether it was a casual hello at a party or just an exchange of glances in the same room, redefine the moment with words that are deep and heartfelt. That tingling sensation you felt inside was something God sent and now you know that for sure, years later. Don’t take those moments for granted and put them in writing. Get deep into the writing zone and make it a bit more artistic than just a narration. Define the atmosphere around you when you first saw them. The breeze in the air, the shirt they were wearing to the way they looked at you for the very first time. Take on a storyteller persona and make it sound big. After all, it was a big moment for both of you.

List out every special moment to create your book of love story

Every story has a beginning and a climax, this is the climax. Tell them what you mean to them. List out everything you love about them from their personality to their nature, their habits, and their appearance. Do not shy away from letting them know how much you are into them. This is a personalized book that is being created for the sole purpose of letting your significant other know the place they hold in your life. The book is all about you and him and the more candid you go with it, the more they will admire your effort. The power of writing combined with the power of love can move mountains and this is only a short account of letting them know how much they mean to you. Do not let go of the surreal ambiance. Make it sound dreamy and enchanting. The only rule of thumb you might need to stick by is to somehow keep it realistic and not something that makes it sound like a fantasy book.

Add a heartfelt poem in your book of love story

Poetry is a language of its own. It gives voice to the silence and narrates the unearthly realm between reality and fantasy. Perhaps poetry is not for everyone but you can certainly try. Just remember, poetry does not have to rhyme. You can just scribble your feelings in the form of quotes if poetry seems impossible to you. If none of it works out, you can just quote a famous saying and redefine the meaning of it through your own thoughts with your very own love story being the center of it. To honor your love for them, even the small moments count. List out the small gestures he makes towards you, from the timely Good Morning messages to the way they always check up on how you are doing, let them know how each gesture counts for you.

Create a photo album in a book for a loved one

The countless photos you have clicked and don’t have the heart to delete, this is the time to make use of those clicks. With the countless websites and applications available online, you can even create your love story book online. Opt for a smart app that gives you all you need to bring more character to your photos. From templates to meaningful captions and even edits, let your creativity take the lead here. There is nothing you cannot achieve with the amazing photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop and more. Once you make a compilation of your most cherished moments, get it printed out so you can engrave them in your sacred book of love all the way to your lover’s heart.

Add keepsake items into the book for your loved one

Now that all your feelings and your special photos are put together, a little keepsake item that you might have retained from a date, perhaps a secret note he passed you in class, a petal from the flowers he once bought you that you saved, or maybe just spraying the book pages with the perfume he loves; you can incorporate all that in your book as well. It all adds character to your masterpiece and will let them know how you have not forgotten a single one of their gestures. The book should be a depiction of your most heartfelt emotions for them so don’t shy away from anything. Spraying their favorite fragrance onto the pages is a winner. If they have gifted you the fragrance, it gets all the better!

Now that you have all that you need to let their heart fill up with warmth and affection when they will be going through your heartfelt effort, it calls for a good ending. When they mean so much to you, let them know you want them to stay in your life and that what you share with them is something that surpasses all boundaries of worldly things. Make it into a small paragraph that narrates the dream you see together with them in the coming times. Keep it small, meaningful, and sweet.

How can I create A Love Story Book Online

You can create a love story book online through simple applications available online. You can create an e-book or get it printed into a hard copy. Some websites are offering this service owing to the large demand for personalized gifts

Can I write my love story into a book and publish it?

There are plenty of accounts of true love stories that have been published in best-selling novels. Writing holds a lot more value when it comes to real-life events. You can now write your own book about your real-life love story and get it published for free at numerous virtual platforms like Radish and Amazon.

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