How to Write A Book For Your Best Friend

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How To Make A Book For Your Best Friend

Writing is not just segregated to homework and work. It is about time we unveil the true power of writing and delegate the work of art to where it belongs; in the hands of your loved ones and friends who will cherish it forever. On this Friendship Day, how about you write them a book telling them what they mean to you? Does that have you raving on all the fun times you both shared? Remember the fun times at the carnival where you both dared to take the scariest roller coaster ride? Or the Trick Or Treating parade that you and your bestie got dressed up for? Perhaps it was that moment where you both braved up to face your High School bully which taught you how your friend is a keeper. Friendship is all about being there for each other and when it is a bond that is special, it calls for a heartfelt celebration in the form of words. Here’s to friendship and on how to write a book for your best friend to let her/him cherish it forever.

  1. Start with the fun times for the

Whether the friendship dates back to the early days of Kindergarten or is it a recent bond you’ve built, there is so much you can create out of even a few memories. It’s all about what they mean to you and once you are there, you won’t fall short of words to describe it all. Start with when you first met your friend. Add the moment when you felt like you have found a real friend. Mention the beautiful times you’ve had together, the hobbies, the rides, the picnics, and the hangouts. Let them know how they mean more to you than any other random acquaintance and how you will forever cherish the bond you have with them. Nonetheless, don’t let go of the funny ambiance. How about you mention the time you both managed to bunk gym class and got away with it. Perhaps the time you pulled a prank on the teacher? Make sure to add those moments as highlights.

  1. Get your photos ready to make a book for your best friend

This should be fun. We all have our favorite photos stored in our cupboard and plenty in our cell phones. Make sure to get the craziest photos out and ready to be featured in your book. You can build a good few pages with the photos but we recommend presenting it thoughtfully. Your friend is going to hold this book close to her/his heart forever so it has to be worth it. Assemble your fun memories from the school field trips to the mall trips. Let the photos narrate your friendship from the beginning to forever after. The only rule you need to abide by is to keep it creative and artsy. The more indulging the photos are, the better it will turn out.

  1. Create some funny captions to write a slam book for your best friend

Now that you have your photos ready to go, think of some captions that are intriguing and fun. Each photo should narrate the happiness you felt inside because of your friend. Let them know how they made that moment worth it for you. Take the opportunity to tell them how they are a huge part of your life and how thankful you are for them for being there for you. Start with the funny captions and end it with something that lets your friend know your gesture is an emblem of your love for them. It is always a good idea to keep things light-hearted and funny but a little serious note under a photo of you and your friend together will take your book a long way.

  1. Design the cover of your book

Visuals hold a lot of meaning. With countless apps available for free to try out, you can get as creative as you want to. You can even have a photo of your friend to be the cover of your book. Personalize it with photos or keep it generic, it is all up to you. Just make sure the cover is representative of the cover inside. You can opt for templates or even sketch out the cover by hand. The choice is truly yours but something that is made with love by your hands will always hold more value.

  1. Attach a momento

Fun times always have something to retain. If it was a school field trip, you might have retained an interesting pebble you found while you were foraging with your friend. Maybe she left behind an earring at your house on that sleepover. In case you are one of the dudes, maybe he gave you one of his bandannas to keep. You can attach small articles like that in the book bringing it more meaning and character. A small keepsake item can transform the whole book into something better and beyond. You can even opt for inserting a music bell engraved in the cover of the book which will give the book a lot more of ambiance.

  1. End it on a surreal note

Now that you have your emblem of friendship in hand, how about you end it with something that enhances the character of the book. A distinct motto you and your friend share or perhaps some secret one-liners? You can even end it with a memorable photo that will give the book the right substance even at the end of the page. Doodling is yet another idea you can play with. What tops it for us is something funny, short, and yet reminiscent of your best memory with your best friend.

How are personalized books better?

We live in a complicated world where relationships crave more than just materialism. A personalized pendant or watch is a meaningful present for a friend but if you want to put in some effort, starting from scratch and making something that bears your art and your handwriting will always hold more meaning. Personalized books are always a better option than wasteful shopping that ends up meaningless after a while.

How should I begin a book on friendship?

You can begin by jotting down a meaning quote or perhaps start with just the day you first met your best friend. Beginning your book on friendship with an account of what brought you both together sounds intriguing.

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