Learning How To Write A Book For Your Grandchildren

In the life of a human being, the learning stage never ends. Specifically, when you work in creative fields of work, you will realize that the day you stop learning is the day you stop being relevant. While that may be the case for a lot of professionals, some sparkling souls never cease to learn and always find new ways to urge their lives into entertaining them and keeping them occupied. Such is the case with grandparents who wish to do something for their grandchildren. The idea of writing and formulating scrapbooks is nothing new, but to put them into words and teaching others a lesson requires a certain amount of dedication.

That is why, if your plan is to make a book for your child or grandchild, then reminiscence writing is for you. This is the type of writing where it has a certain memoir type feel to it, but it deals with lessons learned over time. The definition of the word “reminiscence” is to indulge oneself into pleasant memories of the past. However, writing a reminiscent story requires a life full of peace and plenty. That is why this sort of writing is ideal for grandparents. Therefore, if your wish looks something like this, then let us begin with how you can do it.

Why Should You?

First off, let us get the “should” out of the way. Why should you? Is there a need for it? The answer to that question is simple. Most of the creative things that you have grown to love over the years, did you need them? It is only that you stumbled upon a good book, a TV show, a game or a movie that you realized that this is the kind of refreshment you needed. Now, you might be looking on the shelves for a book that conveys your feelings truly. Failing to find such things may lead you to do one thing: do it on your own. Keep in mind that we live in the DIY (do it yourself) era. Where a person does not find something they like, they do it themselves.

Therefore, the “should” behind it is not just about the necessity but also to represent the majority or minority that feel the same way about this grandparent\grandchildren relationship. If you have enough ammo about this topic, then there is no reason why you should not.

Structure Of The Book: Focus On The Type

The structure of the book is what makes or breaks it. Many times, great writers became “great” because they thought they hit a fluke and came up with an idea, structure or something that made them stand out. While it may be the case for some. In most cases, it came down to one thing: perseverance. The more consistent you are with your creation, the more chances you will have of success. While the idea to write a book for your child may not have come out of the idea to become successful, it is still an important element in the world of book writing. Therefore, you should focus on not only your objective but also the structure that will get you there. This is what the structure of your process should look like:

  • Identified creative objective
  • Research for data & material
  • Finding memories to work with
  • Focusing on important parts of your life with your grandchild\children
  • Staying true to the events and what came out of them
  • From The Finest Hours To Darkest Moments

As the last point stated, you should stay true to the events that formulated the relationship between you and your grandchildren. While the word “reminiscence” refers to positive memories, it is imperative to state things as they are because sometimes, positive comes out of negative. Because as they say “all’s well that ends well”. Therefore, keep true to the events that made you want to write this. It will help you connect with your readers on a higher level. No need to sugar coat things.

A Definitive Objective

Now we come to it at last. What do you hope to achieve through your book? As mentioned earlier, was it just the lack of similar ideas on the bookshelves of your local store? It may or may not be more than that, but you need an objective. It could be something for your grandchildren to look back upon. Moreover, it could be on a much greater scale and your wish might be to help grandparents around the world. Otherwise, something as simple in reminiscence writing could work: to look back on the pleasant memories and inspire your readers.

Double Check The Structure And Format: Submitting For Review

You went ahead and wrote the book and you are happy with it so far, but do you think it will go past the editor’s table on your chosen publication service? In order to prevent any mishaps on the last step, make sure you go over it again. Double-check if any structural, grammatical or spelling errors occur. If that is too much of a hassle, then you can always hire professionals who can get you over the line with ease. Then the final process begins of making a book cover and finally publishing it.

If you have any more questions, then refer to the section below.

How can I write a book for my child?

Whether you want to do it for a child or grandchild, the process and soul of your story would remain the same as discussed above.

How to write a children’s book for amazon?

For any platform, you want to write it, the process would remain the same. However, you can get as creative as you like.

Can I record a book for grandchildren then write it?

Yes, you can as that is the process a lot of the writer’s use. It saves time and helps keep a record of their ideas.

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