What Does It Take To Publish A Spiritual Book

Have you ever wondered what may be the difference between a writer and an author? Both have the same job, don’t they? So why the different titles? Well, there is a world of a difference; a writer writes even when they are not bound to write while an author writes to run a business. With the aspect at hand, you might come in terms to the question: what does it take to publish a spiritual book? The subject of spirituality itself should be enough to steer you clear from the materialistic side of things because spirituality is all about your inner self. It a subject that explores the immaterial side of things, the divine and unworldly aspect of life. This is where it all began, before the birth of any media house and branding deals. The answer to the question of “how to write a book on Spirituality” lies deep within you. Get ready to embark on a journey of exploring your deepest conscience as you transcend into the realm of becoming a spiritual writer. Trust us on this one for the person coming out on the other one will be a wiser version of you.

Select your subject

On how to write a book on Spirituality, you need to first decide the aspect you want to cover. Spirituality needs you to search deep within your life’s own experiences to preach what you learnt out of it. Begin the divine thoughts about what brought you into the spiritual realm, conceitedly focusing around the aspect of how it may let the reader gain perspective and reform. If your most moving experience was about finding yourself again after you lost it all, go for it. Was it about letting go of everything that stressed you out, shed some light upon that one. Was it about a tragedy that brought you to this point as to be wise enough to put it in words for everyone else to ready, make that your subject. The only rule of thumb you need to abide by is to make sure you don’t mix up 10 subjects in one book. The essence of the book should be consistent, it should be about spirituality while the subject of it should be the pivot that reveals the higher conscience.

Be A Storyteller To Create A Book For Spirituality

Take the story-teller persona as that seems to be quite the vibe for spirituality. Use mystical language, something that emanates Shams Tabrezi by Rumi or like The Songs of Innocence & Experience by William Blake. Define your higher self, share your perspective in light of the experience that ascended you to the astral world. Define your hardships. Define the new you. Portray a deeper meaning to life for the 9 to 5 audience who were lost enough to reach out to you. Let them snap out of the illusion of temporary life. Let them know they will be ok even when it feels like everything has fallen apart. Inspire them to grow out of their dilemmas and find the higher purpose in life.

Educate the reader

Education is not segregated to academic writing and journals. The spiritual realm is a whole disciple in itself and needs to be preached to the student. Share your insights about the other side of life, the side that is not always brighter. Life holds plenty of mysteries and teaches us lessons in a lesson of its own. Some with the experience have learnt the language while others are still vulnerable to. This is where you come in. As a spiritual author, grant your experience to your students as this is what they are looking for. Understand that an audience looking for a spiritual read is coming from a challenging place. They are reaching out to you for help and guidance. Inspire the reader in a way, they find the peace they were looking for.. Keep your language enchanting yet simple, surreal yet realistic, something that lets them let go of the anxieties of daily life as they embark on the higher purpose of their existence.

Find the sweet spot in between reality and mysticism

The audience that has picked up your book is searching for a higher purpose in life. Most of them will be coming from situations that have left them shattered. Yet, there is always a coincidence of the occasional dreamer who just has a liking for the mystic realm. What binds them all together is the purpose of understanding life, its turmoils and how it is okay to still keep on moving forward strong even when it doesn’t seem like it. If your writing takes a turn to the complete extreme where you are all focused on the intangible world, the IFs and BUTs, angels and fairies, your book won’t sit well with the practical reader. People looking for a fantasy read will go for Rapunzel and Beauty & The Beast so understand that this is spirituality; something worlds apart from fantasy. You have to keep your book centered around the reality of life while introducing a new perspective that empowers the reader with a new formed mindset. There are only a few hacks to life and spirituality is one of those. It’s like they say it, “let the stars guide you” but that certainly does not mean the stars are alive!

How Do I Gain Spirituality?

Spirituality is all about positivity, meditation, seeking deeper meaning to life events, traveling, and just connecting to the person hiding inside. The realm of spirituality revolves above and beyond the material world. It explores the hidden meaning of life with the vision of preachers who have gone through life changing events and overcome their turmoils.

What are the benefits of spirituality?

Spirituality has some amazing benefits. Following are a few to begin with:

– Cure depression

– Cures anxiety

– Builds a stronger personality

– Better psychological well-being

– Greater perspective towards life

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