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The 9 Best Apps For Writers

New technologies have brought interesting tools in the form of mobile applications that let us know the weather, create shopping lists, or help you compose songs. Of course, these facilities are also available to the writers working on your manuscript . At ExLibric we know all the phases of the process of writing a book . And for this reason, we bring you […]

How To Start Writing a Book? Step by Step Guide

How to start writing a book? This is a question we receive frequently. That’s why we decided to write an article with our top 10 tips on the subject. Writing and publishing a book is a long and difficult process. During this process, you will have to overcome many obstacles. When you’re writing a book, there are a lot of details […]

Decryption: What Makes the World of Harry Potter So Captivating?

A cult saga with worldwide success, Harry Potter unfolds an unforgettable imaginary world, which has won the hearts of a crowd of readers of all ages. Some of them re-read the saga every year to immerse themselves in its atmosphere and there are even amusement parks reproducing its universe. Suffice to say that the world […]

The Role of the Antagonist in Story Structure, Pt. 2 of 2

One way to think about plot is as a “push-pull between protagonist and antagonist.” Although the protagonist is the character who frames and, indeed, decides the story’s structure, the role of the antagonist in story structure is equally important. Last week, I shared an overview of the antagonist’s role in the first five major structural […]

Do You Have to Write Every Day? 10 Pros and Cons

Should writers make it a habit to write every day? Is that the secret to success? Is that what distinguishes “real” writers? I used to think so. Often, when someone would ask me for my single recommendation for other writers, my go-to response was to reiterate some form of the advice from Peter de Vries […]

How To Place Ghost Writing Book Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer online game by Kinetic Games, developed and published by British Indie Studio. The game was published in 2020 and is available on Microsoft Windows through Steam. In the same year it developed momentous popularity as there were many YouTubers playing the game. What Is Phasmophobia? It is a game that is […]

Local woman pens new book on William Bratton

Jodie Steelman-Wilson | For the Journal Review In certain local circles, it is common knowledge that Lewis & Clark Expedition adventurer William Bratton came to Montgomery County to live in his later years. However, his life’s journey from Kentucky to the Expedition and back again, and finally to Waynetown, has never been told in the […]

How To Create A Book For A Gift

 Let us go back to a time when love overpowered materialism, when creativity had more value than just a high-end watch and when family and loved ones were worth more than anything else in life. Let us rediscover those sacred bonds and nurture them all the more with something meaning to gift. On this […]

How To Write A Book For Amazon Kindle

Gone are the days when publishing houses were discretionary to established writers. You no longer have to be Shakespeare to get your work published by a verified source. No hate on Shakespeare but this was long called for. What it all boils down to now is “how do I create a book for Amazon and […]

How To Make A Personalized Book For Dad

This Father’s Day, you want to top it all and do something extra special? Well, what could be more special than a heartfelt book that gives voice to the silent bond that you share with your father? Somethings surpass all that you can conjure with materialism and that is what that sacred bond is all […]

How To Make A Book For Fathers Day

Writing a book crosses the mind of a writer at one point or another. While many get it over with, some people struggle with a myriad of things. However, you will not have to worry about that as we provide services that equip you with the right tools. Understanding the proper process is one of […]

How To Write A Book For Your Girlfriend

Hassle Free Process To Create A Book For Girlfriend Whether it is about writing a story, conveying your life or writing a memoir of your love story might have crossed your mind. However, while all of that seems romantic and attractive, the creation process and creative elements that tie it all together may prove to […]